Redesigns Popular Bitcoin Dice Game

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betcoin tm dice BetCoin recently announced that it has redesigned its BetCoin Dice page, completely re-inventing its immensely popular dice game and improving game play tremendously.

Unlimited Bitcoin Entertainment

On its homepage, BetCoin Bitcoin Entertainment Network calls itself a “one-stop shop for Bitcoin entertainment.” The portfolio includes a wide range of high-definition casino games, which can be accessed even on smartphones and tablets. If players want to play bitcoin games in a safe, secure, and well-regulated environment, they only have to visit BetCoin Casino, which offers a number of classic casino games such as slots, roulette, and blackjack.

Betcoin Casino gives players the opportunity to increase their pile of bitcoins in ways unimaginable. For instance, if they wager on BetCoin Reels, a slot machine released with  provably fair technology, they can win a large bitcoin jackpot, and BetCoin Dice can increase players’ bitcoins by as many as 64,000 times.

More on BetCoin Dice

BetCoin Dice gives players the chance to win large bitcoin prizes instantly. The most wonderful thing about it is that players do not have to pay taxes on bitcoin prizes even over US$1 million. Even low rollers can afford to play BetCoin Dice as the bet range begins with just 0.001 BTC. Since players are playing in bitcoins, the bets placed and prizes won are processed instantaneously. Since BetCoin’s Provably Fair software, which is proprietary, is 100 percent fair, players can rest assured that the game results are truly random.

By improving its most popular bitcoin dice games, BetCoin has proved once again that it is indeed the world’s number one bitcoin entertainment network. Players who noticed these revolutionary changes were both surprised and delighted.

Lucrative Offers at BetCoin

BetCoin is known to promote its brand through promotions such as giveaways. It may be recalled that, a few months back, BetCoin Bitcoin Entertainment Network announced that it will give away free bitcoins at BetCoin Connect along with a 3 percent leader board bonus to players taking part in BetCoin Prize, its popular bitcoin lottery game.

The bitcoin gaming site announced this giveaway shortly after launching BetCoin Dice, BetCoin Circle (a roulette game), and BetCoin Casino. BetCoin Casino gave away bitcoin prizes worth $150 million and an extra 1,200 bitcoins worth $1.5 million in monthly prizes to its lucky players barely four months after launching the above-mentioned services.

Moreover, players who sign up for BetCoin Connect will become members of a mailing list and get a sign-up bonus of 0.001 BTC, which they can use to play a lottery game.

In Dec 2013, the seed value of the lottery jackpot of BetCoin Prize was increased during each draw to encourage bitcoin players to buy tickets to the next game. Speaking about the promos at BetCoin, James Mason, its assistant CEO, said: “Giving bitcoin cash back and huge rewards to early adopters will become a standard in the Bitcoin ecosphere as businesses look for ways to crowd-source or gain traction. With the jackpot seed, we eliminate early-adoption risk for our players, and quickly guarantee a larger jackpot.”

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