How to Deposit at a Bitcoin Casino

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There are more and more online casinos that are accepting the virtual currency Bitcoin and allow online casino fans to make deposits and cash out their winnings in Bitcoins. This new form of currency has hit the Internet in recent years and it is the earliest example of crypto-currency.

This new type of payment method and digital currency has been brought into mainstream attention, but still, there are some online casino fans that are not familiar with how it works, especially how to use it to make a deposit at a Bitcoin casino.

Therefore, to help those that are less familiar with Bitcoins but want to play casino games at Bitcoins casinos we made a step by step guide with details about Bitcoins, how to get them as well as how to use them at online casinos.

About Bitcoins

Bitcoin is open source software and payment system first introduced in 2009. As a virtual currency, Bitcoin payments work peer-to-peer and there is no government or authority that controls it. Users can send and receive Bitcoins over the Internet for an optimal fee (or without fee) using web or software based wallets.

Bitcoins can be used at many websites that allow Bitcoin payments. Users can purchase goods, shop online or they can use the digital currency at online casinos. Continue reading to learn how you can use Bitcoins at online Bitcoin casinos.

Step One- Get a Wallet

To be able to do business with Bitcoins, you need to get a Bitcoin wallet. You can choose to register an account with many such wallets like:

  • Web Wallets
  •  Software Wallets

Web Wallets

Bitcoin wallets that are web based are the easiest and most convenient to use, but they are less secure compared to the other type of Bitcoin wallets. Blockchain, Xapo and Coinbase are popular web wallets where you can easily sign up with your e-mail and follow the step by step the instructions to register a wallet and use it to store Bitcoins.

Software Wallets

To get a software Bitcoin wallet you have to download a program on your computer and run it from here. They are more secure than the web wallets because you have complete control and you don’t depend on a third party service. Popular software wallets are Armory, Bitcoin Core and Multibit.

Step Two- Get Bitcoins

Buying Bitcoins is relatively easy. You can buy them from people that live near you and are willing to sell them or you can use different online payment methods. In addition, you can buy them using your own local currency.

Step Three- Spend Bitcoins at Online Casinos

Besides shopping online, Bitcoins can be spent at online casinos that accept this virtual currency. After you register a Bitcoin wallet and load it with Bitcoins, you can sign up with a reputable and trustworthy online Bitcoin casino like and make Bitcoin transactions.

The transactions are usually processed instantly and players can start playing games right away. However, sometimes they can take up to 30 minutes to arrive. To send Bitcoins to your online casino account grab the recipient address from the online casino site or from the wallet you want to transfer Bitcoins to and click on the Send button.


The Bitcoin currency is quite simple and easy to use. To use it at online casinos, players must have Bitcoin wallet loaded with Bitcoins and send them to the provided online casino Bitcoin address. Transactions are also processed fast and, in most cases, without any additional fees.

The best thing about making casino deposits with Bitcoins is that players remain anonymous and they don’t provide personal or banking details to the casino. Therefore, they are protected and safe.