Live Bitcoin Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the top three table/card games of all time and it dates back to over 2,000 years ago. Its origins are, however, still unclear. Nowadays the game is quite popular in the gambling world and it is favorite among players on an international level. Baccarat is also available in many online, mobile and live dealer casinos.

Live Baccarat brings you the thrill and fun from land based baccarat tables into your home via live streamed video images. The game is available at almost all live casinos, even those that accept only Bitcoin deposit and withdrawals.

Live Bitcoin Baccarat enables casino table game fans to play the game in real, true-to-life format from the comfort of their homes as well as play with complete anonymity. Bitcoin sites don’t require personal or financial information from players to play the games, so they are completely safe.

Features of Live Bitcoin Baccarat

In Live Bitcoin Baccarat you play against the banker or the house. The game is streamed live from a real land based studio and everything is displayed in real time. You can choose a dealer or a table that best suits your gaming style. You can also chat with the dealer though the live chat box.

Another feature of Live Bitcoin Baccarat is that the game is played with Bitcoins and in order to win real cash you must deposit Bitcoins into your account. They will be converted to chips once the game starts.

Playing Live Bitcoin Baccarat

To be able to play the game and win real money, register a real account with a safe and fair Bitcoin live casino that offer Live Bitcoin Baccarat. We recommend, an excellent Bitcoin live casino that offers plenty of live dealer games and uses the best security measures. Read our comprehensive Bitcasino review to learn more. Once you sign up, make a Bitcoin deposit to the provided Bitcoin address and use the Bitcoins to play the game.

While playing Live Bitcoin Baccarat, the dealer deals out two hands known as the Banker hand and the Player hand. You need to place a chip on which hand is going to end with a score as close to nine as possible. You can also bet on whether you think both hands are going to have equal value.

The game usually has a good spread of stake level options and once you have placed your bet wait till the live stream begins. The dealer will start drawing cards from the shoe and the outcome of a gaming session will be revealed in real time.

To play the game you should be aware of certain rules. Firstly, the house edge plays a big role in the types of bets you make. If you bet on the Player hand, your odds of winning are 1:1. In other words, the house edge is 1.34% in this case.

Furthermore, if you bet on the Banker hand and win, 5% of the win is paid back to the casino. For instance, if you win $100, you give back 5% and you keep $95. In this case the house edge is 1.17%.

Is It Safe?

Many players believe that it is not safe to play Live Bitcoin Baccarat at live Bitcoin casinos. They think that the Bitcoin, as a virtual currency, is not safe to use because it is not controlled by any government institution. They also believe that the live dealer games are rigged.

However, the truth is precisely the opposite. Since the game is played in real time, players can directly see the outcome in front of them. The dealer is not aware what cards will show up next nor he/she is aware of the results of the next gaming session.

In addition, playing with Bitcoins is quite safe. Even though they are not controlled, they are quite stable to use at online and live casinos. Moreover, they offer secure, instant and anonymous game play. All players have to do to play the game is to make a Bitcoin deposit to the Bitcoin casino address. No additional personal or banking data in needed and transactions are processed without any additional fees.


Live Bitcoin Baccarat is quite fun and easy card game to play. It is played in real time via PCs or mobile devices and it uses Bitcoins which allow anonymous game play and fast transactions. In addition, the game is based on luck so you don’t have to practice any betting strategies to win real money.