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Live Bitcoin DiceThe online gambling Bitcoin scene has been blooming since the introduction of the online cryptocurrency, with dozens of casinossportsbooks and poker establishments basing their transaction models around it. One of the most famous and fan favorite activities however, are the Bitcoin Dice games.

It all started with the introduction of SatoshiDice – one of the first major platforms to offer online Bitcoin gambling, with a simple yet imaginative process for placing bets and letting the dice roll decide on the outcome. The competition soon followed with many sites seeking to replicate and enrich the experience, adding more variety and richer betting options and odds.

With a completely automated betting process that doesn’t require any personal information nor log in, as well as a provably fair technology for fairness, Bitcoin Dice is considered one of the most transparent and secure online betting game.


Placing bets is the only real interaction with Bitcoin Dice games. The betting range is closely tied with the odds, though it varies from one version of the game to the next.

The great thing about Bitcoins is anonymity and placing bets doesn’t require anything more than your Bitcoin wallet address. Once you’ve placed your bet on the predetermined outcome, the winnings will be sent back to the original address.

Design and Game Play

The main concept of the game is very simple – place a bet by picking a number (address) from the ones offered, or use a slider / button to choose the number. The odds for winning are also represented so when making a decision you should also be aware of what your chances are.

Then, the system powering the game “rolls” the dice and depending on the outcome, and the game rules, you will either win or lose the bet. The winnings are multiplied by a factor predetermined before the roll.

Types of Dice Games

Several different software providers have re-imagined the original concept for the Bitcoin Dice, adding a twist that will make the experience slightly unique. The standard is a Roll Lo version where the winning outcome is the number lower than the one selected by the player.

The Roll Hi version is the exact opposite, i.e. rolling a number greater than the one predetermined by the player will bring winnings. There are some sites that offer a Combination of the two, adding choicer and slightly bigger chances of success.

One thing to consider is the house edge which may vary from one Bitcoin Dice game to another. The range goes from 1% and up to 1.9%, meaning some sites will snag biggest portion of your winnings while other will be more generous.


The entire process of playing the different versions of Bitcoin Dice relies on placing a bet and receiving the outcome, whether won or lost. This is achieved exclusively through a Bitcoin wallet address that is needed for transfer and receiving the funds.

There is no third party interference and nor a need for registrations / security input since you will effectively be making a loop from your Bitcoin wallet address to the game and back.

Some Bitcoin Dice games allow for placing several bets in a single transaction, as well as sending the winnings to a customer (other) Bitcoin address.


Since making bets at Bitcoin Dice is conducted completely anonymously, the potential harm from misplacing personal information is impossible. The service itself is arranged in such a way that there is no outside influence and the transaction loop is closed quickly and efficiently.

Having a cold storage for your Bitcoin wallet is always a good precaution though, especially after earning a bigger sum of Bitcoins so keep that in mind.

Provably Fair

This system is best known for being used in conjunction with Bitcoins and provides proof to players that the site isn’t rigging the outcome of the rolls. This is achieved by adding a secret number / key to the transaction before the roll is made. It is then released a day after the roll so players can make a comparison between the two versions.

There is a growing number of different dice related gambling games which you will be able to play online. Now, there is a growing number of Bitcoin sites and as such if you want to play Bitcoin dice games then you are able to do just that!

In this part of our website we shall take a look at the most commonly found Bitcoin dice games which you will be able to play online completely anonymously, and whilst a couple of these games may already be very familiar to yourself do checkout the new Bitcoin dice game listed below from the Just Dice site, for it offers a brand new type of dice game and thanks to its low house edge it is a game that will appeal to a huge number of dice game players.

Just Dice Game – One dice game that has been specifically designed for Bitcoin users is the one found over at the Just Dice website, this is the type of dice game you will never have seen before, but thanks to the way it pays and play you may find it an interesting variant and one that you are willing to try out.

The way, in which this Bitcoin dice game works and operates is very simple, you have two possible wagering opportunities offered to you before any single game gets underway, and this is to bet whether the roll of the dice is going to be high or low.

If you bet on the correct outcome of the dice you receive odds on your wagered amount worth 1.98, and this means this Bitcoin dice games house edge is just one percentage, which is a very low house edge game.

You are of course able to bet as much as you like on each roll of the dice, so if you are the type of player who has a betting system or betting strategy, and with each and every single game you play only ever having two possible outcomes of the roll of the dice then this is a game you may wish to consider playing online.

As mentioned the site where you are able to see and ultimately play this brand new Bitcoin dice game is at the Just Dice site, and as such make sure that is where you visit today if you are looking for something new and exciting and potentially very rewarding to play!

Craps – The most famous of all casino dice games is of course craps, and this is one of the most perfect games to play at casinos allowing deposits using Bitcoins for you are able to dissect your Bitcoins up into smaller increments which results in it being a low stake game or conversely a very high stake games depending on how much you wager!

The game of Craps is a two phase game and you need to be aware of this fact when playing it for due to the different rounds in operation when the game gets underway a slew of additional betting opportunities will become live.

The game can be quite a low house edge game to play but this is of course dependent on which betting positions you opt to wager on, for some of the betting locations, namely those which upon first glance offer the best payout odds, are the ones with the highest house edges attached to it.

So if you do decide to play Bitcoin Craps then it will pay for you to stick to the lower odds type of wagers as by doing so you will be getting the best value from each and every wager you place on the Craps table!

Sicbo – One dice game that you may already be very familiar with already is the game of Sicbo, and we are pleased to let you know that you can now play this as a Bitcoin dice game as more and more online casinos are offering it in their gaming suites.

You will of course need to find an online casino that has Bitcoin listed as one of their depositing options; however there are a huge number of new casino sites opening up that are completely and exclusively offering Bitcoins as the way to fund your accounts at their site, so finding one should not be too difficult.

The game of Sicbo has to be the easiest game you can play, and as such you have to guess what you think three dice will be showing via their up facing sides when the dice have been tossed, every single possible outcome is listed on the betting layout and all you have to do is to pick the correct outcome and you will have had a winning game!

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