Bitcoin Casino Reload Bonus

Regularly visiting or “loyal” players are often rewarded by the casino with additional offers, loyalty and VIP programs. One of those offers is the reload bonus which is, essentially, a continuation of the first deposit bonus, with additional bonus prize for returning depositors.

It is a type of bonus already accepted by the Bitcoin casino community since it provokes players to come back and try their luck a second time at the casino. As with other bonus offers, the reload bonus has certain requirements that have to be met in order for the player to be able to claim the bonus.

This is the kind of bonus that is intended for seasoned players, i.e. online casino visitors who do not cash out often and tend to play for extended periods of time. The reload bonus provides enough incentive in the form of additional Bitcoins to keep you coming back for more each week and amass larger winnings in the long run.

Best Casino For Reload Bonuses

Defining the Bitcoin Casino Reload Bonus

In essence, a reload bonus cannot exist without a first deposit or welcome bonus. That is why you will notice this type of bonus being present as part of the initial offer at the Bitcoin casino.

The reload bonus usually grants an amount equal to 10-50% of the initial bonus, though some casinos can go as high as 1 Bitcoin in additional bitcoin casino bonus winnings. The number of casinos that offer a high reload bonus is quite rare though, since most Bitcoin casinos rely on very low house edge to attract new players. This in turn means they will be losing money if such a bonus exists in the long run.

Where Can You Get a Bitcoin Casino Reload Bonus?

There are a few Bitcoin casinos currently offering reload bonus promotions though their numbers are continuously rising as the players population on Bitcoin driven online gaming sites continues to expand. With that being said, it can be difficult to find the best deals out there, since the reload bonuses can quite vary from one site to the next.

Things to Note when Browsing for a Bitcoin Casino Reload Bonus

The reload bonus comes with several aspects that need to be observed before using the benefits it brings. It is a wise move to first read the terms and conditions before accepting the bonus – this is due to some of the restrictions and other constraints the casino may put on you in the form of wagering requirements, minimum deposit options and eligibility.

Wagering Requirements

Like with most bonus offers present on the market, these requirements are there to ensure players do not simply use the bonus and immediately cash out without making any wager on their own.

Some casinos are quite approachable in terms of wagers – the amount can vary from 10-30 times of the bonus amount, though there are casinos that go way over this accepted limit which isn’t recommended since it can take a lot of time to redeem the Bitcoins earned.


Bitcoin casinos have the tendency to offer reload bonus to players that extends to all games available. However, some casinos have restrictions that may apply to certain games from the library. This rule will be prominently stated at the reload bonus description.


As mentioned earlier in the general description of the Bitcoin casino reload bonus, in order to be eligible to receive this bonus players will either need to have deposited a certain amount previously or played with a certain amount of Bitcoins.

Minimum Deposit Amount

You won’t be able to opt in for the reload bonus before first making a deposit that is equal to the minimum amount of Bitcoins as specified by the casino.