Bitcoin Video Poker

To make our guide on Bitcoin casino games complete, we have been busy looking around the web for online casinos offering Video Poker games and also sites that let their customers make deposits using Bitcoins.

Whilst we did find a handful of online casinos that provided all of the above, we decided to give each of those we found a little play time to see if their games and casinos were of the quality today’s online gamers expects and always demands.

One site we came across that both allows players to make deposits using Bitcoins whilst also offering a more unique Video Poker game variant is Bitcoin Video Casino, and having taken a look at and played at their sites and games we present to you the following overview of what you will find on offer, should you decide to play there that is!

Bitcoin Video Poker Games

Now the Video Poker game variant you will find at Bitcoin Video Casino has to be one of the easiest games to play, once you visit their website you will instantly and with no hanging around be able to get stuck into playing their games without having to sign up, for their gaming suite is available via a demo mode, which allows you to try before you buy, and get to grips with just how fair and random their game are!

This particular Video Poker game variant is a progressive game, and as such the jackpot on offer keeps on increasing as more and more players get stuck into it, and the way in which you will win the jackpot is by playing maximum bet hands, which incidentally will cost you five coins, and then being dealt out a Royal Flush hand.

You need to be aware that by playing for any other number of coins put into play you will not be awarded the progressive jackpot when being dealt any of the four possible Royal Flush hands, and for a one, two, three or four coins per hand wager which sees you being dealt a Royal Flush you will get a payout of 250 coins, 500 coins, 750 coins and 1000 coins respectively.

This Video Poker game is structured as a Jacks or Better game and as such you will find in play on the pay table the usual winning hand combinations, which obviously start at a pair of Jacks!

You will also find that when you are playing this Bitcoin Video Poker game, if you have been dealt a winning hand combination, then you can either opt to collect those winnings and have them credited to your account balance or you can risk them by taking part in a bonus gamble type game.

If you choose to gamble your winnings you will then be presented with five cards on the gamble bonus screen, the first card on the left hand side of the screen will be facing upwards, and you need to look at this card then pick one of the other four cards, which incidentally are all facing downwards which you think is going to be higher than the card on show.

If you guess correctly your gambled amount is double, but guess wrong and you will lose those winnings you opted to gamble! So be careful when taking the gamble option for you may lose everything that you won on the base game!

Where to Play Bitcoin Video Poker

The Bitcoin Video Casino is one of the latest online gaming sites to open up online, and with the ability of playing not only Video Poker games but a slew of other casino games, whilst making your deposits using Bitcoins, then if you do fancy a gamble today why not check them out, they are building up a very loyal following of customers thanks to their fast payouts and great paying games.