Bitcoin Lottery

There are a number of online Bitcoin Lottery sites offering you a range of different worldwide lotteries that you are able to place bets and wagers on, however you may be wondering why it is advantageous for you to gamble at such a site rather than just enter the lottery directly by buying a ticket from a land based lottery outlet.

Buy Bitcoin Lottery Tickets With Bitcoins

Well when you look into how a land based, usually Government backed, lottery works and operates, you will soon discover that your stake money is chopped up into several different amounts with often only a tiny cut of that stake money finally entering the prize pool.

With the actual retail outlets taking a cut of the stake money, and with taxes swelling Government coffers and then the company in charge of running the lottery also taking a cut of everyone’s stake money, it is surprising that there is actually anything left to give away as prizes!

Below are several reasons why you should consider playing at Bitcoin Lottery sites, there are quite a few benefits and reasons for you to do so and below we have compiled these reasons.

Completely Anonymous – Many worldwide lotteries will see you having to give up your privacy should you be a winner, however by betting at a Bitcoin Lottery site you will not have to compromise your privacy and of course as you are paid out in Bitcoins then your winnings will be kept away from prying eyes!

Better Payout Odds – As there are not lots of different entities taking a cut out of the stake money when you gamble at a Bitcoin Lottery site then you are instantly going to benefit from much larger winning payouts, and as the odds offered on winning Lottery bets are way higher than land based lotteries you will also get more money back should you lucky numbers get pulled out of the lottery machine!

More Betting Options – Unlike land based lotteries where you are obliged and have to pick a certain set of numbers when you chose to place a Bitcoin online lottery bet or wager you are given the option of just how many numbers you wish to select on any up and coming lottery draw.

This means if you just want to pick one number then you can do that and you will be offered some good odds on that one number being called out, however you are also able to pick two, three, four or five numbers on most lotteries at an online Bitcoin Lottery site and a range of odds is offered on each bet you place, which will be way higher than anything the standard lottery would payout.

Instant Payouts – One other thing you should keep in mind is that if you win big on a lottery and you have placed your ticket in a land based retail outlet then often the jackpot is paid out in small little amounts spread annually over several years.

By placing your wagers at a Bitcoin Lottery site you are going to be paid all of your winnings in one big lump sum, and as such those winnings will often be back in your Bitcoin Wallet in no time, allowing you to do with them anything you so please.

More Choice of Lotteries – By placing your lottery bets and wagers at a Bitcoin Lottery site then you are going to be able to enter more lotteries than you can by placing them in your local lottery outlet, for when you use the services of such an online lottery site you are given the option of choosing just which lottery you wish to bet on.

With there being many different lotteries held all over the world then you will find there are several to pick and choose from on every single day of the week, and with more opportunities to bet on more lotteries each week, then you will find that your overall winning chances will be increased!

Easy to Use Platforms – You may be wondering just how easy the Bitcoin Lottery betting interfaces are to use and operate, well to be perfectly honest it’s child’s play. Once you have funded your account at the site you are a member of them all you need to do is to select which lottery you wish to enter and bet one.

You then have to pick how many numbers you would like to predict and then you will simply have to choose a stake level, and click submit and your lottery bet will instantly be accepted.

Be aware that as most worldwide lotteries has an additional one or two bonus type balls then you will need to select whether you want these to be included in your bet, and if so then tick the relevant box!