Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

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Being able to play without making a deposit and still be eligible to receive winnings is one of the most sought after feature by players who are engaged in the online casino scene. Bitcoin casinos are catching up to these trends as well, with a variety of bonuses already being offered on a daily basis.

The Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus is a fan favorite for several reasons. First and foremost, players do not need to invest any money in order to play games at the casino – simply claiming the no deposit bonus injects an amount of Bitcoins that can be used to test out the games.

Second, the no deposit bonus offers value on the basis of convenience, i.e. for simply making an account at the casino you get to try their games offer for free. Last but not least, once players spend their bonus and earn winnings, they can withdraw the Bitcoins after the bonus requirements have been met.

Definition of Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

The Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus is an excellent way to get acquainted with a Bitcoin casino and is especially attractive to players who have hard time using their own funds at an untested casino. Players, who tend to stay awhile and work the tables, might not be so inclined to get this bonus since it won’t make a great difference in the long run, mostly because the bonus amount awarded isn’t big enough.

Where Can You Get a Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus?

There aren’t many Bitcoin casinos currently offering a no deposit bonus to their players. Those casinos who do offer this type of bonus usually do so to attract a larger audience, by injecting smaller sum of Bitcoins to a newly created player’s account in order to drive traffic to the casino. These offers usually do not have as easy wagering requirements as a bitcoin casino deposit bonus, but hey – it is still free money.

Requirements and Rules for a Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

As a bonus that does not require a specific amount to be deposited for redeeming, the no deposit bonus has several requirements and rules that have to be met in order to take advantage of its benefits.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements are a way for the Bitcoin casino to protect its investments from players who would simply log in and grab the offered sum of Bitcoins and never come back. The rules states that the players must wager the sum of the bonus several times over in order to be able to withdraw the funds earned whilst playing at the casino.


Following the standards set by other online casinos, Bitcoin gaming sites allow players who have never registered an account with the casino before to be able to partake in their no deposit bonus promotion.

Deposit – Withdrawals Constraint

This is another constraint imposed by Bitcoin casinos to make players deposit a certain amount of Bitcoins in order to be able to withdraw their bonus winnings. It is a seldom used tactic which eliminates the possibility of fraud and ensures player involvement.


Perhaps the only downside to using the free bonus is the constraint in terms of games availability, i.e. some games cannot be played with the bonus Bitcoins awarded. While you can test most games, you won’t be able to play them all for free, which in turn makes the need to make a deposit all the more apparent.


The no deposit bonus that is part of the Bitcoin casino offer is an excellent way to try out some of the available games line up and earn a few extra cash without any money requirement. Of course, you will need to spend some time with the casino and meet the prerequisites in order to withdraw the winnings. For more bitcoin casino bonus information, visit our bitcoin casino bonus page.