European Central Bank Says Bitcoin Becomes Irrelevant as It’s Rarely Used for Transactions

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Is Bitcoin’s relevance coming to an end? In the midst of a horrible year for crypto, the European Central Bank officially released reports that show it’s rarely used for legal transactions. The report stated that Bitcoin is on a road to ‘irrelevance’ which is just about the worst thing investors want to hear. It follows the tune US regulators have recently been dancing to, creating a very negative outlook for the crypto market.

It has been a tough year for crypto and especially Bitcoin. The prices has dropped to below $17,000 again, and things aren’t looking great at all. The crypto market is in shambles, and it seems there’s no way out. With the European Central Bank’s negative report being that bad it’s pretty clear that the light on the horizon seems to be fading. Is the report true, or is the ECB overstating facts?

A Stringent Criticism

This isn’t the first time the European Central Bank has criticized Bitcoin. Or crypto in general. It even urged regulators to give crypto no legitimacy to digital tokens, making them all but obsolete. Bitcoin has suffered as a result of other factors, but the constant pushback from the European Central Bank has made things worse.

It’s no wonder that the price of Bitcoin has suffered this year like never before. Just over a year ago, it almost hit a record $70,000. Things have been bad since then. Bitcoin has lost over 80% of its value, currently holding on to dear life at a price around $17,000. It recently found stability at $20,000, but according to ECB officials, that was an ‘artificially induced last gasp’ before it hit the road to irrelevance. Then crypto exchange FTX went bust and sent the price to tatters. Bitcoin’s price went below $16,000, yet managed to climb up to $17,000 at the moment.

The ECB says that since Bitcoin doesn’t generate cash flow or dividends, it can’t be used productively. Nor does it provide social benefits. However, according to crypto experts, the report is emotionally driven bias and lacks strong data points. For example, one analyst posted a report which says that only 0.15% of crypto transactions were linked to criminal activities compared to 5% of traditional currencies.

Will you see the ECB bashing the Euro? Of course not.

Private Banks Continue Showing Support

While central banks in many countries have rejected crypto’s credibility, private banks continue showing support. That’s been the case with Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, UBS, and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. These banks and financial organizations have continuously supported cryptocurrencies one way or another and have backed up several crypto firms.

Of course, it’s not like things are rosy for cryptocurrencies right now. But, Bitcoin is still a thorn in the ECB’s side, so it’s no wonder there was a negative report. If you ask us, it’s not the first nor the last. Crypto will persevere, though, just like it did in the past. As long as we all keep coins in hard times, the market will exist.

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US Security Regulators Win the Case Against LBRY, a Blockchain-Based Publishing Company

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission has been targeting many crypto companies recently, trying to impose hellish regulations to destroy the industry. Last year, the SEC sued blockchain-based publishing company LBRY for selling LBRY credits without registering them as securities. The company said that its credits were cryptocurrency, but the judge ruled that they were sold as investments, which raised the red flag.

Based in New Hampshire, LBRY sold its unique LBRY credits as a cryptocurrency. The SEC was immediately on it, saying that these were investments rather than cryptos. Of course, the main issue was that they weren’t registered as securities, which puts LBRY’s future in doubt.

Cryptocurrencies Are Illegal, but Some Digital Tokens Are Securities

The controversial SEC has so far ruled that many digital tokens are to be treated as securities, even with cryptocurrencies not exactly legal in the USA. LBRY defended its digital assets by telling the court that they were functional as currency on its platform in the beginning, allowing content creators to earn cash, accept tips, etc. After the court decided otherwise, LBRY’s CEO Jeremy Kaufmann was disappointed, saying that this tirade against his company threatens the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

LBRY’s defense that it lacked notice that the law applied in this case was also rejected by the judge. According to Kaufmann, this was the first case where the SEC alleged registration violations against a digital tokens issuer that didn’t conduct a coin offering first. At the time of the ruling, the digital coins had a market value of $12.74 million. That was the price registered on Coinbase. That’s over half their worth in March, but TerraUSD’s implosion made sure there was a broad downturn in the market.

After the ruling, the company tweeted that it’s done playing nice. They also attached a screenshot to the tweet of LBRY’s co-founder Alex Grintsvayg chatting that lawyers told him it’s OK to attend a case that looks sharp, but smells awful. Apparently, the whole thing was orchestrated as psychological warfare to ward off other companies from doing the same thing. The tweet gained a lot of attention, with LBRY later admitting it was partly a joke. But, the fact that they don’t like the SEC is true, and Grintvayg later joked that he’d eat a plate of garlic to ward off new attacks.

How to Launch a Public Blockchain in the USA?

The worst thing about this ruling, as LBRY said, is that after five years of legal battles, the company still doesn’t know how to legally launch a public blockchain. That’s been the case with others too, with the SEC shutting down such cases, but still not providing details on the matter. To be honest, it looks like the securities exchange doesn’t know what it’s doing, but it is shutting down companies attempts to try something new.

As a result, the cryptocurrency market is suffering. If it continues its tirade without clear terms, it’ll be an even bigger problem for cryptocurrencies and their already-dwindling prices.

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Boost Your Winnings on Wanted Dead or a Wild in

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Want to start your week like a champ at The popular Bitcoin casino is known for its excellent range of promotions, many of them coming on some of the world’s top slots. That’s the case with the latest winnings boost promo available on one of the best westerns we’ve played – Wanted Dead or a Wild.

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Terms and Conditions

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No Time to Lose

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El Salvador and Lugano Partner Up to Spread Bitcoin Adoption

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Everyone already knows that El Salvador is the world’s first country to officially adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Many have tried to follow in its footsteps, and some, like the South African Republic did. However, it’s a tough, challenging step for many countries from a legal and other points of view. But, the tune is changing day by day and Bitcoin adoption is spreading around the world. It might likely start spreading like wildfire soon thanks to the new partnership between El Salvador and the Swiss city of Lugano.

While Switzerland still hasn’t officially recognized Bitcoin as legal tender, Lugano did. The city’s mayor is notably pro-Bitcoin, allowing BTC ATMs and starting numerous cryptocurrency projects in Lugano. The city was recently a host of the Plan B Forum, where Tether’s Paolo Ardoino joined mayor Michele Foletti on stage to announce that Bitcoin adoption is doing well. The partnership between Lugano and El Salvador should push it further and enable both the city and country to get an economic boost.

Foster Cooperation with Research and Educational Purposes

The partnership agreement will allow El Salvador to create a physical government presence that will guide Lugano’s experts to better Bitcoin adoption. That’s in layman’s terms – legally, the country and city have signed a foster ‘cooperation with research and educational purposes’. The Plan B Forum was attended by El Salvador’s US Ambassador Milena Mayorga, who announced that her country plans to build a ‘Bitcoin office’ in the city of Lugano.

The idea was supported by Serbian Prince Filip Karađorđević, Lugano’s Director of Economic Promotion Pietro Poretti, and Mexican politician Indira Kempis among others. With the new initiative, Lugano’s residents will be able to use Bitcoin, LVGA tokens, and Tether as a ‘de facto’ legal tender in numerous institutions and businesses. It’s a revolutionary move for the small Swiss city. Taxes, parking fares, services, fines, and even school tuition will soon be available to those who prefer to pay with crypto.

El Salvador Not Backing Down

This new plan and partnership show that El Salvador isn’t planning to back down. Even in the face of a global crypto price decline and possibly a financial crisis looking, president Nayib Bukele is continuing down the Bitcoin road. Many of the country’s residents are not happy about it, but the president and his US ambassador Mayorga are adamant that the gamble will pay off.

He’s been a man on a mission promoting Bitcoin as legal tender and offering help to other countries that are interested. Of course, the International Monetary Fund isn’t happy about it. The IMF repeatedly urged El Salvador to drop the idea, citing market integrity and financial instability concerns. For a while, El Salvador was doing great, but with crypto prices down, it is probably bleeding a bit of money. Regardless of that fact, the president isn’t giving in, continuing to buy the dip for millions of dollars every time the price drops.

But, things are looking up with the new Lugano partnership, which may be more than enough to change the minds of others.

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Predict World Cup Results and Win $5,000 in FortuneJack Casino’s New Challenge

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The World Cup is already upon us, starting in November. It’ll be a bit unusual to have it in winter, but that won’t stop football fans from enjoying the matches. As the tournament draws near, many gambling sites are offering one kind of promotion or another related to it. While FortuneJack is not a sportsbook, it has joined the World Cup craze with the so-called Bracket Challenge.

A World Cup prediction challenge for the football fans in us all, it offers stunning, wager-free rewards to the best competitors. What you need to do is join the challenge, predict, tweet about it, and cross your fingers to win one of the prizes which can go as high as $5,000.

World Cup Bonanza

How do you join the challenge? It’s easy and open to all FortuneJack casino players. What you need to do is participate in a free-to-play challenge for the qualifiers to compete for the grand prizes. Simply predict the winner for the group qualifiers and the play-offs. That’s it – you don’t need to deposit or make a bet on anything, but you will need to be registered and logged-in.

Now, once you do that, you should tweet about the challenge using the hashtag #FJWorldCup2022. Also make sure to mention @FortuneJackCOM – this is what makes you eligible for it. To bring home the cash prizes, you will need to predict each group and play-off winners correctly. If not qualified, the top three users with the most points will win the top prizes which are $2,000, $3,000, and $5,000 respectively.

The prize pool is $10,000 and will be split among the three most accurate players. Click on the Make Your Prediction button when logged in to join. Each correct prediction gives you a single point, and the more you have, the closer you are to the rewards.

After the bracket is filled, you won’t be able to alter the results. That’s why you need to make sure you’re on top of your game. If you think you have what it takes to predict all the winners, you’re welcome to try your skills and luck.

Terms and Conditions

The World Cup challenge is open to all FortuneJack players. You don’t need to make a deposit or do anything special in order to participate. Now here’s the thing about the Grand prize – a single competitor that gets all the predictions right (group qualifiers and play-offs) will win a grand portion of the prize worth $20,000. Otherwise, the prize pool is $10,000, with the three previously mentioned prizes available to the three top competitors.

To participate and become eligible for the challenge, you must share it on twitter using the specified hashtag and by tagging Fortune Jack casino. Without it, you won’t be able to join the challenge. You will first need to make the group qualifier predictions, then predict the play-offs winners when they’re available.

It’s a great way to join the World Cup craze, and one we’re sure everyone would love to take part in.

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UK Will Recognize Crypto as a Legit Financial Instrument, Updating Its Ancient Laws

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We all know that cryptocurrencies, more specifically Bitcoin, are hated by banks and most governments. Some smaller countries such as El Salvador are reaping the benefits of a decentralized payment system, but the big players are almost always against crypto. The United Kingdom, for example, was not that interested in updating its ancient laws and financial instruments to accommodate crypto investors and owners. But, that’s about to change soon.

The UK is going through some turbulent times on the political stage. There have been two PMs in the past two months, and Brexit—for now—didn’t have the positive effect many politicians believed in. But, it seems that the wind is blowing in the right direction at least for crypto, with the new Financial Services and Markets Bill extending payment rules to stablecoins.

Additionally, the lower house of the Parliament has just voted in favor of adding cryptos to the scope of activities that will be regulated by the new bill.

Putting the Law Commission to Work

Legislators that put any kind of laws in place don’t always have the expertise to draft legislation. For that matter, new independent bodies are formed that will push forward the laws to study the important points. That’s what happened with the Law Commission for England and Wales, which is made of lawyers, high court judges, and professors of law. This Commission is funded by the UK Ministry of Justice, and has the goal to update the UK’s ancient laws for the imminent arrival of cryptocurrencies.

The Law Commission has so far been focused on running various projects focused on the crypto space. It’s looking to determine how Web3 development projects such as DAO and digital assets will work under new or existing laws. This makes the work of this department very important as the UK seems set to turn the country into a global crypto hub. New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has already proposed a CBDC which was unofficially dubbed Britcoin back when he was a Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2021.

The Local Crypto Industry Welcomes Rishi Sunak

The new prime minister is obviously a big fan of cryptocurrencies. His new government is set to make the all-important leap to recognizing cryptocurrencies as legal financial instruments. That will happen sooner rather than later, as the Financial Services and Markets Bill goes into effect. It was focused on stablecoins when it was first drafted, but the lower Parliament house has voted in favor of adding cryptocurrencies to the list.

The so-called crypto provision part of the newly-drafted law will define what a crypto asset is. Under clause 14, it clarifies that crypto assets can be brought into scope of existing provisions. In short, they will become a legal financial instrument under the guide of the Treasury. The Treasury itself will consult industry experts and stakeholders going ahead, ensuring that the framework reflects all the benefits and disadvantages of crypto activities.

Good times are coming for UK crypto holders, and we hope others to follow.

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Celebrate the Day of the Dead with Multipliers at bitStarz

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The end of October and beginning of November in Mexico is celebrated as a multi-day holiday known as Dia De Los Muertos. While many consider it a Mexican Halloween, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It has a much more macabre feel to it, although Mexicans don’t consider it a grim holiday. They celebrate the dead just like we celebrate the living, and that’s what makes Dia de los Muertos so unique. Add to that the whole look and feel of the festival and you’ve got a firecracker of a celebration that you can’t see anywhere else.

While it’s not Halloween-popular, Day of the Dead has its place in pop culture. Now an inspiration for various media, it has often featured as the base theme for many slots. Pragmatic Play has joined the festival recently with its new slot Muertos Multiplier Megaways, now live in bitStarz casino.

Party Like It’s Dia de los Muertos

We all know how cool and rewarding Pragmatic Play’s slots are. Muertos Multiplier Megaways fits in that group. It has 117,649 ways to win paired with high variance and an RTP of 96.03%. The unique math model relies on more than just Cascades. There are other features in this slot that also deliver fantastic wins as early as the base game. Played on a dynamic reel set with a 6×7 setup, the slot relies on x2 and x3 multiplier wilds that appear on the top reel. Several multipliers can be combined to fuel the tumble sequence meter, providing wins that deserve rich celebrations.

In the center of the slot there are a few ornamented skulls that are common for this holiday’s celebrations. Those are called calaveras and are originally made from sugar. They’re just as sweet in Muertos Multiplier Megaways, paying 5x for six on the grid. You also get a full set of Mexican symbols including tacos, chili, tortillas, and a dancing cactus with a sombrero, because why not?

The action in this slot mostly relies on tumbles. Each win triggers a cascade that can go on and on if new winning symbols land. Wilds can help complete winning combinations. What makes it different from others are the wild multipliers that can land at any time and carry an x2 or x3 multiplier.

Land three blazing-hot chilis to get to the free spins round where a progressive win multiplier enters the equation. Multipliers are also collected in a special meter and unleashed at the end of the bonus round for even bigger wins.

Celebrate Your Wins

It’s pretty obvious that Muertos Multiplier Megaways runs on the famous Big Time Gaming engine. It comes with the familiar 117,649 winning ways and tumbles on top of it all. It’s a popular math model among all developers, giving players a chance to win stunning cash prizes up to 10,000x the bet. If you max your bet out up to €100, it’s pretty clear that this is a holiday worth celebrating.

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The European Union Plans to Eliminate Bitcoin Mining Once and for All with New Draft Law

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Bitcoin mining was once the only way to get shiny new coins. Other cryptocurrencies tried different methods, but the mining industry was steamrolling so people just bought into the whole idea. Years later it was discovered that it came at a massive environmental cost, so countries like China banned it from use.

Others would follow resulting in many cryptos changing their system to proof-of-stake. Ethereum did so recently, leaving only Bitcoin to rely on the inefficient model. Which is a big problem in addition to the unpredictable volatility, especially now as the EU is looking into ways at banning Bitcoin mining once and for all.

New Draft Law Will Outlaw Mining

According to a newly drafted law in the EU, Bitcoin mining will soon be a thing of the past. The EU is set to release the energy efficiency label soon, outlawing Bitcoin mining and encouraging the development of environmentally-friendly crypto systems. Just to be clear – this has nothing to do with the way things stand in the crypto legality department. So far, cryptocurrencies are still not regulated in the European Union. But, it’s a move in the right direction, going out with the old and in with the new.

It calls for the international political stage to apply pressure on the remaining crypto miners. In the midst of an energetic crisis and with winter knocking on our doors, the last thing Europe needs are power hungry systems that will put unnecessary burden on the grid. That’s precisely what this new draft law concerns itself with, as the use of cryptocurrencies is growing significantly.

As the report states, harnessing the use of cryptocurrencies should be done with care. It’s an exciting technology for sure, but the EU proposes that it is built on the most efficient and modern systems. In translation, mining is old news, proof-of-stake is new.

Too Big of an Impact on the Climate

In addition to the newly drafted law, the EU will also release a report that examines the impact Bitcoin mining will have on the climate by 2025. These concerns are not new. Many experts have been warning about the negative impact crypto mining brings. Even Elon Musk controversially stopped Bitcoin payments in Tesla a few months after adopting them, citing environmental concerns. He has also pledged to look for a solution to the energy problems and alternatives too.

The Bitcoin Mining Council, though, says that the reports have been exaggerated. The council consists of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Michael Saylor, and Fidelity Investments. They have sent an open letter to US legislators, saying that there’s much misinformation about Bitcoin and energy use. Saylor went so far to call them misconceptions, giving his support to Bitcoin mining.

But, the crypto industry is already shifting to a new system as we’ve seen in Ethereum’s case. We also might have a global energetic crisis on our hands this winter, so the last thing we need are grid complications caused by mining.

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Win Extra Cash with Bitcasino’s Game of the Week Promotion

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Everyone’s trying to get their hands on some extra cash in Bitcoin casinos, and most of them oblige. Well, at least is. The most popular crypto casino on the market is known for its regular and tasty promotions which often include the top games. That’s been the case with Muerto Multiplier Megaways, a new Pragmatic Play title that celebrates the Mexican Day of the Dead.

A colorful game with plenty of surprises, its popularity led to make it is Game of the Week. The casino gives its players plenty of love Monday to Sunday, and this time, you can get a juicy reward on Pragmatic’s amazing new slot. All you have to do is opt-in and claim the reward, then wager the pre-determined amount of crypto and claim a free spins boost.

It’s easy, it’s fast, and most importantly, you’re getting a great reward for playing a fun game.

Lots and Lots of Free Spins is known as one of the most generous crypto casinos in the industry. It comes packed with promotions up to the brim, and has a new innovative promo every week. The Game of the Week promotion runs from Monday to Sunday, so you have a full weekend ahead of you to play Muertos Multiplier Megaways and score an extra batch of free spins only at

  • Claiming them is easy
  • What you need to do first is login with your credentials at
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  • Wager 10 mBTC or 200 USDT on any slot game
  • As soon as you do that, you’ll get 50 USDT/EUR worth of free spins

Easy, right? You get to play some of the top slots in the industry and get a batch of free spins on one of the hottest games right now. Of course, they are only available on Muertos Multiplier Megaways, which is Bitcasino’s Game of the Week until October 16.

Terms and Conditions

The promotion is available to all Bitcasino players, both old and new. You must claim the reward by opting in to the promotion from the Rewards section on your profile. Each new game of the week reward must be claimed individually. As we noted earlier, to claim your 50 USDT worth of free spins you must first wager 200 USDT on any game in Bitcasino in the span of 24 hours after activation.

It’s not possible for the free spins to be issued in any other currency. To be able to use the free spins your account currency must be set in mBTC/USDT. The value of each free spin is 0.2 EUR/USDT. You can use them on Muerto Multiplier Megaways, an exciting new journey through the Mexican Day of the Dead festival with colourful and fun features and plenty of cascading multiplier action.

With just a few days to go to claim your free spins, it’s time to put in some elbow grease and get those free spins right now.

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Bitcoin and Crypto Payments Go Legal in Namibia

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The world is holding its breath over the future of cryptocurrencies, but some third-world countries are pretty open to the idea. The Central African Republic has already adopted cryptos as legal tender, and Namibia might soon join that list. According to the Bank of Namibia, digital currencies and assets as Bitcoin can be used for payments in the country without any restrictions.

While cryptos are far from legal tender in the African country, the Bank of Namibia says that merchants can accept digital assets. It’s a pretty big change considering that in 2018, the BoN was strongly against the use of cryptocurrencies in any form. Now, it hinted that further legal changes regarding digital currencies may be coming soon. All of it is consulted with the relevant authorities, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Bitcoin goes legal tender in Namibia.

A 360 Turn

Like most central banks around the world, the Bank of Namibia was strongly against cryptocurrencies in the past. Around four years ago, it strongly advised Namibian residents to avoid using cryptocurrencies. Merchants were not allowed to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies too, so this new suggestion are a complete reversal of the previous opinions.

However, the growth of virtual assets is what spurred the BoN to change its stance. The bank brought VAs and VASPs under the Fintech Innovations Regulatory Framework. It was a phased approach that took a while, and there’s still a lot of work to be done before cryptos go legal in Namibia. It will now consider applicable laws and regulations in consultation with relevant authorities to create sound framework for crypto payments.

Earlier this summer, the first Bitcoin ATM went live at the Maerua Mall in Windhoek. It started operating via the Crypto Kiosk which is legal in Namibia under all applicable laws. It’s safe to say that it was a big hit, which probably helped the BoN to better understand the concept and advantages of cryptocurrencies.

The Future of Money is at a Breaking Point

Johannes !Gawaxab, BoN’s Governor, says that the future of money is at an “inflexion point”. There’s an ongoing battle between regulated and unregulated money and sovereign and non-sovereign money. It’s clear that the financial system needs a reboot, and cryptocurrencies might be the answer. Sure, it doesn’t look like that right now with the extreme volatility, but more and more countries are seeing the potential Bitcoin and other cryptos bring.

!Gawaxab further explained that the essence of all currencies is the trust that it’s a safe and secure payments medium. He also said that central banks are the sole organization that is equipped with everything it needs to inspire confidence in such a medium.

To help deliver the laws and regulations that will overcome the legal challenges crypto payments bring, the BoN appointed two Africans and Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao members of its crypto board. It will work hard to tackle the most complex regulatory issues. Slowly, but surely, the project is moving forward, and before we know it, Namibia may join the Central African Republic and El Salvador on that exclusive list where Bitcoin is legal tender.

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