Win Epic Rewards in Zeus vs. Hades at

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Zeus and Hades are more than just rivals. They represent the light side and the dark side so it’s a constant clash between the good and bad. The rivals are once again put against each other in a brawl, but this time in a slot form in Pragmatic Play’s Zeus vs. Hades. Don’t let the 10 paylines fool you. This is a modern slot machine with amazing bonus elements that can lead to wins up to 15,000x the bet.

And there’s all kinds of weapons both gods will use to deliver money to your hands. While they’re fighting, you will be having fun. It’s loads of entertainment to the likes we haven’t seen before, and that’s why you should try it at the best crypto casino in the industry –

Clash of the Gods

The Pragmatic Play slot has 10 lines and a highly volatile math model with an RTP of 96.07%. On that front, it’s as Pragmatic as it gets. As the name suggests, it’s a clash between the almighty Zeus and Hades, the ruler of the underworld.  It’s a cliché fight between good and bad or night and day, but one that you’ll love to try several times.

Ancient Greek mythology is an undying source of inspiration for slot developers, with the two top rulers picked for this one. But, it’s not like other Greek slot machines. Get this – before you start playing, you have a chance to pick the volatility. Play in Olympus with the Thunder God and you choose high volatility. Go down to the depths of hell with Hades and the slot will be even more volatile. The latter option is for the bravest only, as no one likes that many dry spells. But, you shouldn’t find them surprising considering how hot hell can get.

You can switch the volatility at any time should you find it too hot for you. High-paying symbols can pay 5x for five of a kind, which looks a bit low. But, you get expanding wilds to help create even bigger wins. Whenever it expands, a battle between Zeus and Hades will ensue, eventually deciding the multiplier that can go between x2 and x100 either way. If more than one expanding wild is part of a win, they’re added together.

And that’s not all – land three scatters and you get to the free spins round. All multiplier wilds are now sticky, giving you a chance to win even bigger prizes while Zeus and Hades duke it out.

Where to Play Zeus vs. Hades?

Zeus vs. Hades is now live at Widely hailed as the best crypto casino in the industry, Bitcasino is known for its extra promotions and regular tournaments. It’s also known for the incredible number of games which currently stands over 5,000.

This new Pragmatic Play slot is one of them, and you can play it with Bitcoin or any other coin available in the casino. If you’re in for another ride at Mt. Olympus, it’s the perfect vehicle.

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Japan to Enact Tougher Crypto Laws as Part of Its AML Policy

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Japan is set to join the anti-crypto block by enacting tougher laws on Bitcoin and crypto transfers. Earlier this month, the global crypto watchdog FATF urged G-7 countries to impose tougher rules as part of their anti-money laundering policies. More specifically, it directly addressed Japan as the country that should impose the famous ‘travel rule’ on crypto transactions.

It didn’t take a long time for Japan to submit. The country will implement new measures on crypto transfers starting from June 1. It comes after FATF found the current measures insufficient in a report, prompting a chance of plans for Japan’s cabinet.

The Travel Rule

The FATF—short for Financial Action Task Force—is a global task force that oversees all kinds of financial activity. It has recently urged G-7 countries to implement to so-called crypto travel rule that will tighten the grip on crypto transfers. This rule was implemented as an AML policy by FATF in 2019. It essentially allows the watchdog and governments to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. In June of 2022, the FATF sent a report which urged the world’s biggest economies to implement it, and almost a year later, Japan did it.

Starting from June 1, there will be much tougher laws for crypto transfers in the Asian country. Sharing information on crypto fund transfers between financial authorities will be mandatory. Japan has pushed off on implementing the policy for a while, but now seems to align with global standards.

The Japanese crypto industry is currently open, but the country has been considering other moves to implement and get closer to what FATF wants. It adopted what was a precursor to the rule in 2021, asking virtual asset providers to share data on crypto transfers. But, since there was no law on it, many have denied to frustrate the Japanese government.

But, under the new rules and laws everyone will need to share reports about crypto transfers made on their websites or mobile apps, which should cut down on terrorist financing and prevent money laundering.

Not the First Country to Implement the Travel Rule

Although it comes at a later date, this isn’t the first time a country had to implement the ‘travel rule’ because of the FATF. It drew up an action plan on the timely implementation of the rule and urged everyone to comply with it since a few years ago. During one of its plenary meetings, the FATF announced that out of 89 jurisdictions it keeps its eye on, only 11 were enforcing this rule.

That was simply not acceptable, so the watchdog decided to up its game and call out governments specifically. As for the nature of it all, the Financial Action Task Force said that some transfers disrupt financial flaws and that criminals responsible for it all are getting away with large sums of money which are predominantly virtual assets.

It remains to be seen how the law will be taken by crypto exchanges and companies, who say that it defeats the purpose of crypto.

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Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day with a Brand-New Slot at bitStarz

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Do you know what Bitcoin Pizza day is? It’s a day when everyone celebrates Bitcoin, unofficially of course. This isn’t a holiday like 4th of July, but it holds great significance to crypto fans. It has been celebrated since 2010, when a software developer named Laszlo Hanyecz bought two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 BTC. The celebrations have reached the slot industry as well with the Pizza! Pizza? Pizza! slot by Pragmatic Play.

Available now at bitStarz casino, you can play the slot with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, just like Hanyecz used his to buy a pizza. On top of that, you’ll drool over the amazing toppings on the screen and the great pizza-slice inspired reel motion that turns the tables.

Visuals and Gameplay

Pizza! Pizza? Pizza! may not be directly inspired by Bitcoin Pizza Day, but it sure as hell has quite the connection to it. It’s a slot that uses a slice of pizza as the reels instead of going traditional. What’s traditional are the initial toppings on the pizza involving veggies, pepperoni, and gooey cheese. It makes us drool every time we see it. The active reels are highlighted in a pizza slice form, while the rest of the pizza is dimly lit on the screen. But, don’t worry – those other toppings will soon come in play.

The culinary masterpiece has realistic, yet a bit cartoonish visuals. It plays on a 2-3-4-5-6 pizza grid and uses a ways to win system. Don’t be confused by it – it works similarly to slots with 243 or 4,096 ways to win. The biggest attraction is the bonus round, of course which shares many distinct traits with Big Bass Bonanza. It has a prize cash collect system along with an upgradable multiplier trail which can deliver fantastic rewards. You win by landing identical symbols on adjacent reels in the base game, with the best pizza toppings paying up to 10x the bet. Wilds come later in the bonus round substituting for other symbols to complete or improve wins.

An expanding golden wild in the bonus round can further take the excitement up. Whenever it’s part of a win, it expands the grid. It also collects any pepper cash prizes in view just like we’ve seen in the best slots by Pragmatic Play. Oh, and the wilds are collected too in the bonus round, with every 4th one providing 10 bonus spins.

A Delicious Experience

The 10,000 BTC Lasclo Hanyecz spent on two pizzas seems insane today as these are worth millions. But, the man obviously loved pizzas and we can’t fault him for spending coins that weren’t as valuable over a decade ago as they are today. Thanks to him, we have Bitcoin Pizza Day to celebrate each year and slots such as Pizza! Pizza? Pizza! to enjoy on the hallmark day.

Pragmatic Play has done a great job with this slot, packing it with cash prize and upgradable multipliers to keep things smooth and delish in the bonus round. If you love pizza, you’ll love the Pizza! Pizza? Pizza! slot as well.

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Strike Expands Reach, Moves HQ to El Salvador

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Since its inception in 2019, Strike had one goal in mind – to become the Venmo or Cash App globally, but for crypto payments. Things haven’t been always easy for the company led by 29-year old Jack Mallers. He was always hoping for global crypto adoption so his app could reach users all around the globe. Strike is now one step closer to that dream after expanding its reach in 65 new countries.

And not just that. The company decided to move its headquarters to El Salvador, the world’s first country that made Bitcoin legal. A consumer-facing app, Strike’s team hopes that people love an app with such characteristics in contrast to a world of cryptocurrency that’s clouded and hidden.

A New Milestone

As Mallers explained in a recent interview, Strike is a consumer-facing app that people have been looking for. Just like Venmo and similar cash apps, Strike offers similar capabilities but for crypto payments. It validates Bitcoin as a payment method at a time when cryptocurrencies are facing a hard time in the USA. Mallers says that it’s amazing how Bitcoin stands alone and is owned by nobody. Every other financial instrument has an owner and can be considered among securities.

The US watchdog led by Gary Gensler has repeatedly stated that Bitcoin is a commodity rather than security. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is strictly against crypto trading firms, taking a jab at several in the past couple of years. Strike may soon be on that list, but Mallers has a solution. He doesn’t want the SEC breathing down his neck, and is taking a regulation-first approach. The app is currently unavailable in New York, but in the process of obtaining a BitLicence. Once it gets it, the app will go live in New York to millions of consumers.

Strike’s team has been working on expanding its reach, and it finally came last week. The app opened up to 65 new global markets and moved its headquarters in El Salvador. The South American country passed a new crypto law earlier this year which established a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. That was a big decision in Strike’s move, which got one of the first licenses in the country together with Bitfinex.

More Work to be Done

Strike’s next step in El Salvador is to partner up with banks and let users exchange Bitcoin for fiat money and vice versa. At the moment, El Salvador residents can only trade Bitcoin between each other.

Mallers is good pals with El Salvador’s Bitcoin-friendly president Nayib Bukele. He introduced him on the Bitcoin Miami Conference in 2021. Initially, El Salvador tapped strike to help develop the BTC experiment. However, early bugs resulted in the company retreating from the project. Years later, Strike is back in El Salvador, and this time it’s there to stay.

Besides trying to partner up with banks which will prove a challenge, Strike is always working hard to deliver new features. One of them will be a debit card which might launch later this year. Now in El Salvador, it can experiment with all kinds of features which will help the company grow and reach its ultimate goal.

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Enjoy the Fun Luchamigos Gem Race, Only This Weekend at

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Online casinos are always in their bag of tricks looking for ways to engage existing players and keep them depositing and playing. As one of the top casinos in the crypto gaming sector, is one of the best at that. It constantly updates its promo pages with new tournaments and fun races, just like it did this morning with the Luchamigos Gem Race.

As the name suggests, it’s a luchador race that offers prizes on Play’n GO’s exciting Luchamigos slot. But, you don’t need to play that particular slot to claim the prizes. Instead, what you need to do is wager at least 5,000 USDT on all the casino’s games (with certain exceptions) and claim prizes in forms of free cash or free spins on Luchamigos from May to May 21.

A Luchador Weekend to Remember

The following weekend will be a blast for all of’s players. Everyone can enjoy the Luchamigos Gem Race and win a gem of a prize on one of Play’n GO’s most fun games. You must opt in to this promotion, but afterwards, you don’t need to do anything special. Wager 5,000 USDT or more this weekend on any of the casino’s games and you can win a mystery prize.

Each player can earn up to 5 daily mystery prizes. Here’s what you might claim:

  • 5,000 USDT cash prize
  • 50 USDT (in free spins) on Luchamigos
  • 25 USDT (in free spins) on Luchamigos
  • 15 USDT (in free spins) on Luchamigos
  • 10 USDT (in free spins) on Luchamigos

What you get is a total mystery – that’s why the prizes are called. It’s a completely random procedure so spending over the minimum amount won’t make you eligible for a larger prize. To claim yours, you must log in with your credentials, visit the main page, and click to reveal the gem.

Terms and Conditions

The wagering resets every day at 00:00 AM. All prizes are exclusively issued in USDT. Of course, the prizes are only available on the Play’n GO slot, although you must wager the minimum 5,000 USDT on other games in the casino’s lobby. To participate in the promotion, players must opt in. All mystery prizes you can earn—and you can get up to 5 per day–are free of wagering requirements.

Luchamigos by Play’n GO

Play’n GO is widely considered one of the best studios on the market and for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s known as a master storyteller, and second, its slots look just as good as video games. Luchamigos is all of that and much more. It’s about a tight group of luchador amigos that plays on a 5×4 setup with 1,024 ways to win. Landing the character amigo wilds with chile symbols will trigger one of the 3 wild features that can get you the highest prizes.

More of that is available in the bonus round. All amigo wilds are collected in a special meter which awards Hot Spin modifiers. It’s a Mexican lucha legend you don’t want to miss, especially if you want a crack at the 10,000x win potential or one of the many Bitcasino prizes.

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US Senators Introduce Bill That Requires Reports on El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption

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A group of US Senators has just introduced a somewhat strange bill that requires regular reports of El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption. As you may already know, El Salvador has made cryptocurrency legal years ago now. Opinions on the experiment’s success are divided, with the country’s president praising it and citizens saying the opposite. One thing’s for sure – El Salvador has managed to outlast expectations, and its economy is in solid shape after a couple of years of using Bitcoin.

Now, some US senators are looking into the accountability of it all. Senators James Risch, Bob Menendez, and Bill Cassidy have drafted a bill named Accountability for Cryptocurrency in El Salvador Act that requires the Secretary of State and other departments and agencies to submit reports on El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption. It should feature deeper looks into the country’s regulatory framework and how Bitcoin impacts its macroeconomic stability.

Mitigating Potential Risks

According to the senators, the bill’s goal is to mitigate any risks on the US financial system. Not just by El Salvador, but any country that adopts crypto as legal tender. The plan should be submitted no later than 90 days of the report.

El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in June 2021, much to the dismay of experts, the USA, and the IMF. It came after the IMF repeatedly rejected helping the small island’s fragile economy. President Nayib Bukele did something revolutionary when he accepted Bitcoin as legal tender, shifting the country’s macroeconomic status. He’s gone further than that, even dedicating part of the country’s budget to developing a Bitcoin city that will run on pure volcano power.

El Salvador has remained committed to its Bitcoin plans and isn’t backing down. Since introducing the cryptocurrency as legal tender, it has been a thorn in major countries’ sides. Risch was the first senator to introduce the bill, supposedly as a pair of efforts to fight crypto as legal tender. The Idaho senator seems to be taking a second pass on the Accountability for Cryptocurrency in El Salvador bill that was first introduced in February 2022, just months after El Salvador made its move.

Risch was and is still concerned on what kind of an impact the adoption could have. It may weaken the US economy and empower ‘malign’ actors, which is exactly what the US is against.

Will It Pass?

As of now, there’s no information whether the bill will pass. If it does, it will require federal agencies in the US to report on El Salvador’s crypto adoption and its financial stability and capabilities. It should also show how they played a role in Bitcoin adoption. Everyone’s been warning El Salvador about the potential threat of adoption, yet the country has moved forward with its plans. It seems to be doing alright too which obviously is the reason why others rage at it.

Time will pass before the bill is passed, and there’s been no movement in it for now. The last bill has still not moved, and El Salvador’s bold president Nayib Bukele called US senators ‘boomers’ on Twitter when it was introduced.

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Money Farm Megaways Slot Review – Rolling in the Dough at bitStarz

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The game library at bitStarz casino just keeps rising and rising. Powered by the industry’s top providers, the games never cease to amaze us. GameArt is one of the up and coming developers that powers the bitStarz casino lobby, and its latest game Money Farm Megaways may also be its best one yet.

As you can guess from the name, this is a farm-themed slot through and through. But, not like the classics. It runs on the Megaways engine while introducing some welcome features that can turn your world upside down. On top of it all, GameArt has managed to make it as lighthearted as it gets while keeping the gameplay tone as serious as it gets.

Farm the Cash

We’ve all played farm-themed slot at some point, and to be perfectly honest, they’re not all that great. This isn’t a slot niche for everyone. As a matter of fact, only a small number of players love it, but even if you don’t, you’ll change your mind after trying Money Farm Megaways. It gives you an opportunity to farm money on a fun-filled farmstead with bright sunny days most of the year and happy and silly inhabitants.

With 117,649 ways to win, you won’t be short on scoring opportunities. But, the real big surprise are not the cascades and Megaways features. The big surprise is the 100,000x win multiplier which cracks the game’s top winning potential. It’s a highly volatile ride with an RTP of 96.64% and high volatility, so keep an eye on your bets – dry spells are common.

But, if you can ride them out just long enough, you’ll be in for huge rewards. We’ve seen many slots with great multipliers, but this one trumps them all. Money Farm Megaways can pay stunning amounts with one cascade after another. And it’s not just that. Take a look at the Win Mill multiplier – it tops out at 10x which isn’t uncommon. Hitting that number adds random wilds on the screen that can further boost your wins. You also have expanding multiplier wilds, mystery symbols, and an unlimited progressive multiplier in the bonus round.

It all adds up to a very entertaining game with crazy chickens in the limelight. They can truly lay a golden egg for you if you’re lucky enough to get to the bonus round and take a shot at the 100,000x multiplier.

Ever-Growing Lobby

bitStarz’s game lobby is always growing. The casino’s happy to announce a new exciting game on its blog almost every day. This is quite helpful, giving players a chance to try the latest titles without searching for them in the lobby. Megaways titles are always a blast, and this farmstead odyssey with wins up to 100,000x the bet is more than worth your time.

Keep an eye on the casino’s blog in the future as well. Oh, and don’t forget about the bonuses and promotions. bitStarz often has bonuses you simply can’t refuse, making it an unmissable casino.

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Cryptocurrency is Property Under Hong Kong Law

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Last week was a milestone for crypto laws in Asia. According to Hong Kong lawmakers, cryptocurrencies will be treated as a property from now on. That’s the decision a Hong Kong court has brought after analyzing the controversial Gatecoin case. Gatecoin was found in 2015 and closed operations in early 2019, with liquidators securing its crypto assets in 2022.

A year later, the Hong Kong law has ruled that cryptocurrency is property in Hong Kong. While Mainland China regulators have imposed a general ban on crypto trading, the mainland’s judicial position on Bitcoin’s legal status is in line with Hong Kong’s new ruling.

A Major Crypto Milestone

The court’s decision to make cryptocurrencies property under Hong Kong law is directly tied to Gatecoin. For those unaware, Gatecoin was registered as a cryptocurrency exchange company in 2015. At the time, the market still didn’t had any rules and regulations to follow. However, four years later it wound up, with liquidators appointed to Gatecoin shortly after.

It took three years of research and analyzing the situation for them to recover and secure cryptocurrencies that belonged to Gatecoin. The value was somewhere in the HKD140 million range, which is a lot of money. But, there was a bit of a problem – liquidators were not sure how to legally recognized cryptocurrencies, which sparked Hong Kong courts to analyze the situation.

Gatecoin traded over 45 cryptocurrencies on its platform, and it created a lot of headaches for the liquidators. They were looking to answer two questions:

  • Were the cryptocurrencies held on trust by Gatecoin for the benefit of its customers?
  • Are cryptocurrencies property? This is an issue that’s pursuant to Hong Kong’s insolvency legislation, where liquidators have an obligation to take into custody all the property of a company upon wind up.

The law wasn’t clear on the cryptocurrency part. Furthermore, Hong Kong’s legislation doesn’t clearly define property. It’s a very broad and inclusive definition based on the definition established in the National Bank vs. Ainsworth case. The court based its decision on whether this ruling could apply to cryptocurrencies. According to the Ainsworth case, a four-prong test was performed, proving that cryptocurrencies were definable, identifiable by third-parties, capable in their nature of assumption, and have a level of stability which made them property under Hong Kong law.

What Happens Next?

Unlike China which has banned cryptocurrencies and crypto mining in favor of its own digital currency, Hong Kong went another way. A number of new legal opportunities have opened up as a result. Under the new law, it is possible to create security interest over crypto as collateral. Cryptocurrencies are also capable of being a matter of trust which enables the separation of legal and equity. Also, liquidators can now seize cryptocurrencies into custody as property upon wind ups.

Similar juricidal pragmatism has been observed in some instances of mainland China’s legal rulings. The highly publicized Shanghai Court case proved that Bitcoin is a virtual asset, going against China’s view on cryptocurrencies. One thing is for sure – no matter how some countries try to ban Bitcoin, they all recognize crypto’s potential of being property or asset.

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Multiplier Madness on Money Train 3 Only in May at

Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather has been the strongest gaming site on the crypto gambling scene for ages. It didn’t get there by chance. The casino is known for its exclusive promotions and wide range of bonuses along with surprising tournaments to enjoy. The latest event is nothing if not exciting, giving players a chance to score free USDT by hitting the highest multipliers on Relax Gaming Games to receive free spins on the iconic Money Train 3.

Aimed to retain existing loyal customers, the promotion is only for VIPs. It requires you to opt in and will last from May 1 to May 31. The rules are simple – play any Relax Gaming slot in May, hit the highest multipliers, and score free spins depending on your VIP levels.

A Heroic Quest

Relax Gaming has become a tour de force on the slot gaming market in the past few years. It has earned its cred with the release of the Money Train trio. The latest instalment, Money Train 3, is bigger and bolder than its predecessors. It’s also the centerpiece of’s tournament where you earn free spins for the entertaining slot.

From May 1 to May 31, Bitcasino VIPs will have a unique opportunity to earn as much as 40 free spins on Money Train 3 worth 20 USDT each. Here’s how to take part in the promo:

  • Opt in to the promotion – keep in mind that you’ll need to be a VIP;
  • Play any Relax Gaming slot with real money during the month of May;
  • Hit a 1,000x multiplier for an automatic reward;
  • Claim up to 800 USDT worth of free spins on Money Train 3 based on your loyalty level.

There are four VIP levels at, each one giving you a different prize. Here’s the prize structure for this particular promotion:

VIP Status Prize
Master 10 free spins – 1 USDT worth each
Guru 10 free spins – 2 USDT worth each
Legend 15 free spins – 5 USDT worth each
Hero 40 free spins – 20 USDT worth each

It’s obvious that reaching the higher levels also means a better free spins prize. But, don’t worry about that – you just focus on hitting the highest multipliers. As soon as you do, the rewards will be issued automatically and the best part is they’re not tied to any wagering requirements.

Terms and Conditions

Players must wager at least 2 USDT per single bet and hit a 1,000x multiplier on any Relax Gaming slot to automatically unlock a reward. No in-game features or bonus buys will qualify for the prizes. Each player can claim the promotion once per day. All the free spins are exclusively available on Relax Gaming’s spectacular Money Train 3 slot game.

Rewards are paid in USDT or ETH equivalent – no fiat money currencies are supported. As mentioned earlier, they don’t carry any wagering requirements. You can simply spend them on the popular slot and win real money which will be withdrawable right after that.

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The Kingdom of Bhutan Supposedly Been Mining Bitcoin for Six Years

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It’s not just El Salvador anymore. There have been many reports of other countries mining BTC, and the last one is all but confirmed for the Kingdom of Bhutan. According to Forbes, the landlocked country near India has been stockpiling computer chips for the past few years. It may have secretly been mining Bitcoin since October 2017, as per reports it has been doing so since the price reached $5,000.

It’s not that surprising to see Bhutan on the list of Bitcoin mining countries. It’s the perfect spot for it thanks to nearly endless hydroelectricity resources. These helped establish a secret government-run Bitcoin mine that has been going on for years.

Vast Hydroelectricity Resources and Energy

Bhutan is one of the world’s top countries when it comes to electricity exports. During the flood season, it exports around 75% of its annually generated amount to its first neighbor – India. The mountainous country has incredible hydropower capacity and a small population. It produces a similar amount of electricity per capita as the USA, but of course, it’s not nearly as wealthy.

But, it could be considering how it uses that energy to mine Bitcoin. If the asset’s price reaches higher levels in the coming years, Bhutan could make a literal fortune. Since it apparently started mining Bitcoin at a price point of $5,000, imagine what would happen if it reaches the magical level of $100,000.

In the past few years, the Kingdom of Bhutan has been ordering a stockpile of computer chips – $193 million worth of them. No matter how hard it tries to keep its BTC mining under control, the chips give it away. What’s problematic for most experts is the fact that the country is using environmental resources to mine Bitcoin in a secretive matter, which obviously has an impact on the environment around it.

Many experts and Bhutan residents think its time the government admits what it’s doing. Most recently, it has partnered with Bitdeer, a crypto mining company listed on Nasdaq. An investor from the company has shed more light on the collab, expecting to generate 100 MW out of the 550 MW power supply from Bhutan. The data center should begin construction in the second part of 2023 and be fully completed in the third quarter in 2024.

Not the First Country to Mine BTC

While the rest of the world is still slow to accept Bitcoin, El Salvador has been doing it for years. More importantly, the small South American country has officially legalized mining and Bitcoin transactions, even planning the so-called Bitcoin City which runs on active volcano power. Geothermal energy is a great idea for BTC mining, and El Salvador expect to use it to its full potential.

Bhutan may have been doing it for years, although using stored energy it produces on its own instead of geothermals. The cat’s already out of the bag, so it should and must admit that it’s mining BTC, probably much to the dismay of environmentalists.

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