Ethereum ETF Approval Could Come in May; BTC Developers Have Upper Hand in Fight Against Fake Satoshi

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It was only a matter of time before other crypto ETFs would emerge as soon as the first Bitcoin ETF popped up. That happened a few weeks ago, and there are already plans for an Ethereum ETF on the way. Not just plans. According to experts, the SEC is likely to allow ETFs to hold ETH in May.

Standard Chartered even has a date for this – May 23. That’s the last date when the SEC must consider applications from Ark21Shares and VanEck. Asset managers will be the first to come up against the final deadline, and the US securities watchdog will rule on applications by that date. Last June, it left BTC and ETH off the list of tokens it considers securities. This will change soon, though, as interest in Ethereum has never been higher.

Price Hike Incoming?

If the news about the Ethereum ETF are true, then it would certainly have an effect on the price. Many believe that by the projected approval date—May 23—the price will increase to $4,000. That should happen if it follows a similar trading pattern to Bitcoin. It also means that the price would nearly double, which should make ETH enthusiasts happy.

But, compared to the sell-offs that Bitcoin experienced post its approval, Ether is expected to avoid it. The largest cryptocurrency fell by about 20% after the first ETF’s were approved. Investors including FTX sold billions in holdings of the GBTC, and the fund was converted from a trust, and holders couldn’t make redemptions from. However, the Ethereum trust owned by Grayscale offers a much smaller portion of Ether’s market capitalization.

All these factors should make Ethereum less vulnerable than BTC post the ETF approval. Of course, it all depends on other factors too, so it would be interesting to see if ETH behaves the same way as Bitcoin in regards to ETFs. In the meantime, Bitcoin is still going strong with tiny dips here and there. It’s on almost a 5-month winning streak, which is the largest since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Craig Wright Defeated Yet Again

The so-called fake Satoshi Craig Wright, the man who claims he owns the Bitcoin trademark, has been fighting over his claim in courts for a while. He’s even won small fights here and there, but Bitcoin developers won’t just sit idly and let him claim he’s the real deal. They’re fighting him every step of the way, effectively branding him a scammer with their latest move.

At the moment, Wright is holding out a settlement offer to the Crypto Open Patent Alliance. The COPA is allied with the defendants, and already working with them. The only reason he’s doing this, according to the lawyers, is that he fears he’s in big trouble. Lying to a judge is a serious problem, and that’s the reason why many have branded him a charlatan.

It remains to be seen what happens in this case, but the community believes the developers have already won.

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Enjoy a Thrilling Ride with Bitcasino’s Crash Games

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The online gambling industry always comes up with exciting new ways to engage players. Games are being constantly updated and new creative games are also introduced every couple of years or so. In the past few years, crash games have become a true hit. These instant games are developed for the crypto gaming community, although they can be played with fiat money currencies and for fun too at

Crash games are closely linked to the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies. Their gameplay reflects the crypto volatility and shows how important it is to cash out on time.

What Are Crash Games?

Crash games are the latest hit in the iGaming industry. In general, these instant games have a plane or aviator—or some other elements—which is going up and taking the multiplier with it, but can crash out to Earth/disappear from the screen at any point. The objective of these games is to cash out before the multiplier leaves the screen. Or crashes down to Earth, but you get how it works.

Spribe is a pioneer in these games, and you can find many of them available at Aviator is the perfect showcase for the mechanics. The main role is played by a big red old-school plane which flies across the screen while taking the multiplier up. You’ll wait anxiously to click on the screen and confirm the cashout. The plane can crash down at any point, so make sure your fingers work fast.

In the beginning, most crash games imitated Aviator. There was Spaceman, JetX, Crash, and Crash Evolution, all with more or less similar gameplay. However, as the popularity of crash games at Bitcasino rose, so did interest among developers. Today, the crash portfolio is more diverse than ever, giving players a chance to play exciting crash games for free or with crypto.’s game lobby is fleshed out with crash games of all types. Spribe is one of the most popular developers and behind some of the biggest hits, but it’s not the only one. Smartsoft, OneTouch, Turbo Games, and even Pragmatic Play have set out to develop crash games in recent times, so the industry is more competitive than ever.

Which Crash Games I Should Try?

We already said that Bitcasino’s lobby is filled with the best crash games you can try. If you’re new to these games, we strongly suggest starting with the featured ones on top. Those include Crash Duel X, Big Bass Crash, Spaceman, Aviator, Cash Galaxy, and JetX. All these games are available for free so you can try them out and learn more about the mechanics.

Try one, and you’ll get how they work quickly. Crash games are neither hard to play nor they require technical expertise. You can rest assured you’ll have plenty of fun with these games, and more often than not, their winning potential is truly solid.

There might not be a bonus free spins round, but the action is rewarding. If you’re looking for a new game type to try, head to’s crash games lobby – you won’t be disappointed.

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Terraform Labs Files for Bankruptcy in the USA After a Crypto Crash of Over $50 Billion

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Once hailed as the fastest-growing crypto company in the world, Singapore-based Terraform Labs has just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the USA. The move comes in the middle of an ongoing litigation with the SEC. It also comes months after the arrest of its founder, Do Kwon, who’s currently in jail in Montenegro.

Terraform is behind one of the biggest crypto crashes in history. Its token, TerraUSD, collapsed in 2022, causing a massive crypto market crash. It’s safe to say that the industry needed time to recover, but the Terraform bankruptcy filing has the potential to upset it all again.

Terraform is Seeking Bankruptcy Protection

The crypto company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Sunday. It shared assets with the court in Delaware in the range of $100-$500 million. Its number of creditors may be as high as 199. All of the company’s funds will be available for distribution to unsecured creditors, while Terraform Labs seeks bankruptcy protection in the USA.

So far, Terraform has pledged to meet all financial obligations to its clients. It’s not actively looking for additional financing. The company is expected to continue expanding its Web3 offerings, and with the filing, it will be able to execute its business plans. That could prove tricky as it navigates legal waters in the USA and litigation pending in Singapore. On top of that, the company is clashing with the SEC since the TerraUSD crash, and that might be the last nail in its coffin.

Terraform’s founder, Do Kwon, who was charged by the SEC with defrauding investors, is currently in jail in Montenegro. He was found hiding there in late 2022, and arrested months later in 2023. The company’s other founder, Daniel Shin, was indicted in South Korea last year. It remains to be seen when Do Know will be extradited and where. A Montenegrin court approved his extradition in November 2023, but it has yet to decide if he flies to the USA or South Korea.

‘THE’ Crypto Crash

Terraform’s name become known around the world in December 2021. At that point, its token—Luna—began its ascent. It was worth $5 at the time, but quickly rose to $116—its all-time high—in April 2022. Kwon was hailed as the king of crypto, while fans of Luna were called Lunatics. It didn’t take long before the scam was discovered. Luna and its sister coin TerraUSD crashed in just a couple of days, losing over 99% of their value in the vicinity of $53 billion.

Over $400 billion was wiped off the market, causing one of the worst crypto market crashes. That time has passed now and the market has recovered nicely, but it made many investors be more aware of the potential risks.

More than a year and half later, Terraform Labs has finally filed for bankruptcy. All of its chief officers were arrested and charged, with only the king of crypto remaining on the list. He’ll be extradited sooner rather than later, and that will finally be the end of Terraform’s tragic story.

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Enter the Final Raffle Stretch and Play for a Tesla Model Y at bitStarz

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It’s that time of the year again – the time when crypto casinos offer incredible rewards. This year, it’s bitStarz’s turn to offer one of the most prestigious rewards you can get in a casino – a brand new Tesla Model Y. While it’s not a new promotion by any means, this year’s upgraded car is a real delight. Only one lucky player can win it at the end of the promotion, and you have ample time to get all the tickets you’ll need for the draw.

Like always, this exciting promotion requires getting tickets. No need to buy them – just wager real money regularly at the casino and you’ll have a shot at the Tesla. The promotion runs from December 4 to February 15, so it can be a lucky Valentine’s Day for you.

Wager and Win More

In order to obtain a ticket for the draw—which will be held on February 14—you must wager $100 on any game in the casino. This gets you one extra raffle ticket. There’s no limit to the number of raffle tickets you can get. Play as much as you want and collect as many tickets as possible, and your chances for the Model Y will be that much higher.

The draw is already underway, having started on December 4. But, there’s still enough time to nab plenty of tickets. The raffle is completely random, so you don’t have to worry about unfair advantage. Of course, the key is to get as many tickets in as possible, so you stand a much better chance to win.

If you don’t want a Tesla Model Y—which will be a first—you can choose a cash alternative. That $52,000 in your pocket (or currency equivalent). You can check the number of collected raffle tickets on the promotions page. If the casino picks you as the winner, you’ll be instantly notified. Keep an eye on your account page on February 15.

There are no other prizes as part of this promotion. If you’re looking for free spins or cash prizes, you’re better off looking for a tournament. The cool thing is that bitStarz usually has all kinds of promotions for all players, so you’ll find one that suits your wants and needs.

Terms and Conditions

The Tesla giveaway lasts until February 15, 13:00 CET. Only one winner of a new Tesla Model Y will be announced on the website. The winner will also be notified directly, so it’ll be best to stay logged in on Thursday, February 15. Players can opt for a cash prize instead, getting $52,000 or currency equivalent in the process.

In order to claim the prize, you will need to sort your contact details out and ensure they’re up to date. You don’t want a botched attempt by the casino to try and contact you. In case the winner can’t be contacted in 6 months’ time, the raffle will be forfeited. Also, in order to turn eligible for the raffle, you must have made at least one deposit at bitStarz in the past.

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Blackrock Plans an Ethereum ETF After the Bitcoin One

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Last week, history was made in the cryptocurrency industry. Blackrock’s long-gestating Bitcoin ETF was finally approved, marking a new era in the history of crypto. It sparked a great price run for Bitcoin, yet things have been subdued ever since. The slow start doesn’t concern experts nor Blackrock. What’s more, the company’s CEO Larry Fink is already thinking about his next project – an Ethereum ETF.

However, compared to the original, advertising for it might not be simple. According to some experts, people were already sold on a Bitcoin ETF, and selling another one after they already diversified their investment portfolio might be too much to handle.

One Idea After Another

The Bitcoin ETF made its debut at the beginning of the year, much sooner than many expected. Blackrock’s CEO Larry Fink is already thinking ahead. He’s already begun the marketing drive for a second spot ETF, this time with Ethereum in the focus. Fink is trying to sell this idea thanks to Ethereum’s transformational utility, and the ever-increasing price.

The Wall Street machine is always up to being fed. Pushing more crypto ETFs now that they’re live is the obvious choice. It was a revolutionary step for the progress of cryptocurrencies. That’s not to mention the fact that it means a lot from another perspective – beating the SEC. The watchdog is notoriously against the idea of crypto, and after approving the first Bitcoin SEC, it’s clear that the times are changing.

An Ethereum ETF, however, would present a marketing conundrum. Sui Chung, CEO of Benchmarks, a Blackrock partner and digital assets index provider, says that Bitcoin’s investment ETF role is different from Ethereum’s. Chung says that it’s a hard sell because of diversification too. Any company that has a Bitcoin spot ETF or plans one has already sold investors on diversifying their portfolio. Many of them have put 1% or 2% in a portfolio with stocks, bond, gold, or any other commodity. Selling them a pitch for an Ethereum ETF right after that might be a bit too much.

Fink isn’t backing down. He’s already laying the ground for his ideas, talking tokenization which TradFi firms love. However, he also needs to explain DeFi and smart contracts to the average user. Then there’s blockchain staking and other concepts which might feel like pushing the idea a bit too far.

What’s Next?

After the Bitcoin spot ETF went live, Bitcoin’s price—and Ethereum’s—went up for a while. While it hasn’t broken new ground or reached a record price, it has been significantly higher than expected. Bitcoin is currently holding ground around $42,000, and is poised to make another run after the May halving. Everyone expects 2024 to be a breakout year for Bitcoin, and with the first spot ETF confirmed so early during the year, that’s not just wishful thinking.

The halving will surely have some kind of effect, and possibly set the tone for new records down the line. One way or another, we’re expecting good things to happen, Ethereum ETF or not.

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Spin, Win, and Get Huge Prizes in FortuneJack’s Mascot Gaming Tournament This Weekend

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FortuneJack casino always knows how to surprise its players. Regular customers get a fair share of great bonuses and promotions, but it’s the tournaments that offer the best possible prizes. That’s the case with the casino’s latest tournament, this time in partnership with Mascot Gaming.

From January 10 to January 16, you have a chance to claim a prize from the $7,000 prize pool. The basics are simple. Instead of highest multipliers, this one relies on top wins. Climb the ladder by hitting the highest scores on selected games, and you win wager-free USDT prizes.

A Fast Mascot Race

The Mascot race is already underway, and existing FortuneJack customers should opt in before they can take part. Its total prize pool is $7,000, although prizes will be credited in USDT and are wager-free. You have four more days to participate, so why not make this weekend exciting?

Your objective is to play the eligible games and hit the highest score to climb up the table. It won’t take one try – you’ll need several to stay on top. The higher you climb up the table, the better. All prizes will be credited in USDT 48 hours after winning. As always, the tournament is only available with real money bets. No bonus bets are eligible for it.

Mascot Gaming is a fast-rising slot developer that’s already produced more than a few hits. Instead of sticking with a couple of games, FortuneJack allows you to play some of Mascot’s biggest hits. The list of eligible games includes:

  • Christmas Infinite Gifts
  • Book of Ankhsunamun Rockways
  • Zeus the Thunderer Deluxe
  • Wild Phoenix Rises
  • Fruit Machine x25
  • Bamboo Bear
  • Merry Scary Christmas
  • The Candy Keno
  • Reveal the Kraken
  • Hello Win
  • Minotaur Wilds
  • For the Realm

What should you play? Well, the variety of eligible games is certainly exciting. Those who’re still in Christmas mood can go with Christmas Infinite Gifts. Or choose Merry Scary Christmas if you want a darker edition. Egyptian fans will definitely enjoy the Rockways engine in Book of Ankhsunamun. Yes, it’s a mouthful, but it’s a very entertaining slot to play with great payouts for your bets. Bamboo Bear is there to relax your senses, while Reveal the Kraken will take you under the depths of a rocky sea.

Terms and Conditions

As always in slot tournaments, the tournament requires you to opt in. The minimum qualifying bet for any of the slot is $0.50. If you bet under or over that amount, it won’t count. Prizes are credited per highest win. The more high-scoring wins you hit across several slots, the higher up the table you’ll climb.

If there are any tied scores on the table, earlier achievers will get the higher prize. All prizes are credited in USDT, which is not surprising considering the fact that FortuneJack is a crypto casino.

With 4 days left until the tournament closes, it’s time to jump on the Mascot train and have fun.

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As the Bitcoin Halving Nears, what do Experts Think of the Price?

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This year is shaping up to be quite important for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 2024 is the year of probably the most important Bitcoin halving in history. According to analysts from Rekt Capital, there are 5 phases of Bitcoin halving. Experts say we’re currently in the first one—the pre-halving period—which is characterized by lucrative returns that follow major price drops.

Bitcoin’s price is currently on a roll. It has been since November when it experienced a 10%+ price surge after a relatively uneventful—even negative—period. As the halving nears, pre-halving rallies are expected which should ultimately raise the prices as investors capitalize on the hype.

Dips Coming Soon?

If history thought us anything, it’s that price surges before the halving are usually followed by major drops. That happened in 2016 and 2020. These pre-halving eras saw drops of 38% and 20% respectively, which isn’t good news for investors. However, those who invested early when prices were low will probably still see a good return on investment if the pre-halving prices continue to rise.

Anyone who’s willing to wait it out and is in cryptocurrencies for the long term will be rewarded after the halving. The post-halving period usually starts with a re-accumulation phase which is fueled by investor impatience and boredom. After that period passes, Bitcoin usually sees a parabolic uptrend and all-time price highs.

Many analysts are adamant that Bitcoin’s drops are no reason to panic. Most are optimistic about new all-time price highs by the end of this year. The halving on April 23 will play a large role in it. Scott Melker, known in the crypto community as the Wolf of All Streets, supports the Standard Chartered Bank’s opinion about a record-breaking Bitcoin price high by the end of 2024. The bank’s analysts believe that Bitcoin is headed on a $100,000 trajectory. The key drivers behind these predictions are the upcoming halving and the expected approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF in the USA.

It’s clear that this may be the year of Bitcoin, which is always great to hear. The world was disappointed with the price trends in the past years, especially after Bitcoin’s all-time high in November 2021. We’ve finally reached the point to be optimistic about the long-term future of cryptocurrencies, but there will be slight bumps along the way.

Why Halving Matters

Bitcoin halving is a major pre-programmed event that happens every four years. It’s called halving because the reward for mining a new Bitcoin block is cut in half every time the halving comes. This year, the reward for a block will be reduced to 3.125 BTC (current estimate). The halving will take place on April 2023, and may potentially be a key driver for a new positive price trend.

Of course, the halving doesn’t automatically guarantee a positive price movement. Every halving leads to tiny increases in Bitcoin’s circulating supply. Supply shocks may happen, but in 2024, all the trends point to a positive outcome.

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Unstoppable Cash Drops by the End of the Month at

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Happy new year! It’s time to start the new year with a bang, and you can do that easily at with its unstoppable cash drops tournament. It’s not a new one – in fact, it started way back on November 1. But, it’s one of the longest-running tournaments in the casino, with the end date set for January 31. You still have plenty of time to get things going and win incredible cash drops powered by Kalamba Gaming.

One of the most popular studios of the past few years, Kalamba has impressed players with its latest batch of slots. The new promotion is available for all of Bitcasino’s players and offers prize pools of 80,000 USDT weekly.

Your Digital Highway to Big Cash Drops

Up until January 31, you have a chance to enjoy Kalamba and’s unstoppable cash drops tournament. All you need to do is play participating slots and appear on the leaderboard to collect and share a prize pool of 80,000 USDT each week.

A total of 13 cash drops will be held, with the final four in January. The first one is underway and lasts from 3-9 January. Each following week will see 80,000 USDT prize pools, and a piece of them could be yours if you’re in for the tournament.

Players receive all awards instantly and they have no wagering requirements. In order to participate, you’ll have to opt in and place a bet in the participating games. Those include some true Kalamba Games hits, including Ninjaz vs Narcos, Chinese New Year, and Santa Blitz Hold and Win among others. Over 20 slots participate in the promotion, so you have plenty of themes to pick from.

The distribution of rewards spreads is spread among hundreds of players.

  • January 3-9: 50 USDT for 640 players; 25 USDT for 640 players
  • January 10-16: 100 USDT for 320 players; 50 USDT for 640; 25 USDT for 640
  • January 17-23: 100 USDT for 320 players; 50 USDT for 640; 25 USDT for 640
  • January 24-31: 1,000 USDT for 32 players; 100 USDT for 320; 50 USDT for 320

Only real money wagers qualify for the network promotion. accepts all accepted currencies. There are no additional deposits or costs to participate in the tournament, and no minimum bet as well. All cash drops are displayed on a banner in each of the games so you know what you’re playing for.

Terms and Conditions

The unstoppable cash drops promotion is available to all of’s players. You don’t need to do anything special except to opt in and play the participating games. It’s great that the casino doesn’t have a minimum bet for the promo, so anything goes.

The total prize structure for this promotion is 1,000,000 USDT, spread into smaller chunks of 80,000 USDT per week. Keep in mind that only real money wagers are live for the promotion. Wagering made with free spins or bonuses won’t count toward the tournament.

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FTX’s Bankruptcy Could Go on for Years

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Former crypto giant FTX made all the headlines last year with its high-profile dissolution case. In the end, its owner Sam Bankman-Fried ended up guilty of fraud and embezzlement, which wasn’t a big surprise considering the facts. But, when everyone thought the saga was over, it seems that it will last for a bit more. Scratch that – a lot more.

According to legal experts, the FTX drama could last for years. There’s a flurry of all kinds of lawsuits coming, not to mention the fact that lawyers are trying to recover the money stolen. There’s over $8 billion at stake, and that’s not the kind of money you find lying around. With so many people and companies involved, it’ll be several years before the dust settles.

A Fallen Giant

This year started on a high note with the Bitcoin prices flying. But, 2023 will be remembered for many crypto scandals. Before the SEC charged Binance a whopping $4 billion, Sam Bankman-Friend and his associates were in the limelight for FTX’s demise. It was a highly publicized case with a lot of drama surrounding it. Over $8 billion went missing from user’s accounts, and a big part of it was used to fuel Bankman-Fried’s lavish lifestyle.

Everyone believed that as soon as he was charged, the case was over. But, that’s not the case. We’re not talking about a few hundred bucks, but crypto transactions worth billions. New stuff is emerging all the time as individuals and companies are fighting over what’s left. On top of that, the IRS just announced that it’s seeking around $24 billion in taxes, which FTX supposedly didn’t pay.

It’s a lot of headaches for Bankman-Friend and his associates and parents. It seems that it’ll go on for a lot longer, possibly years as experts say. That’s not a headache you resolve with an Aspirin, and with a flurry of lawsuits coming their way, what’s left of FTX has a lot of problems to solve.

The good news is that the process is well underway. FTX has settled complaints with crypto firm Genesis. It’s been a major creditor of the FTX-backed Alameda Research. But, that’s only one nail in the coffin. There are similar issues to be resolved with other companies. For example, the company has a lawsuit against crypto exchange ByBit for $1 billion. Similarly, FTX is also trying to recover over $70 million from celebrities it paid for promotion and its own philanthropic arm.

Not a Good Look

Things are definitely not looking great for the former major cryptocurrency exchange. One major issue in the collection of funds is the value of crypto over time. More specifically, lawyers are wondering how to calculate it over time. There has been no law on the value of cryptocurrencies seized in such a case.

One notable example that can be used is the 2014 HashFast bankruptcy. Another big issue is how creditors will need to be paid – crypto or fiat money. Since the value of cryptocurrencies is often rising, FTX’s legal case will take years before its finished.

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Boost the Wheel – a Festive Slot Threat for the Holidays at bitStarz

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Let’s speak the truth – slot games can be a bit boring. While there are certainly innovative titles on the market, many slots are simply straightforward and don’t offer anything new. Luckily, there are some studios that do their utmost to break up the status quo, releasing slots that bring innovation in terms of gameplay and special features. That’s what bitStarz casino’s newest slot Boost the Wheel promises.

This is more of an homage to TV game shows than a slot game. Boost the Wheel by Mancala Gaming features several segments on the spinning wheel which contain all kinds of prizes and a few jackpots too. The 5 wheels get progressive larger as you place bets and spin. Let’s take a deep dive in bitStarz’s latest game lobby addition and see what it’s all about.

A Game of Chance

There’s no question that Boost the Wheel is a pure game of chance. Just like those epic TV game show wheels, it comes with different segments that display all kinds of cash prizes. The mechanics of it all are simple. You place a bet and hit the spin button just like any other slot. The wheels will then turn instead of reels, and if you’re lucky, you’ll win the jackpots on the right side or the highest cash prizes.

Here’s what’s on all those segments:

  • Up arrow – moves you up to the next segment
  • Left-right arrows – moves you close to a random sector left or right
  • Free spin – awards a bonus spins
  • Multiplier – cash prizes up to x100
  • Redo – awards a respin
  • Golden or platinum wheel – you receive a spin on the corresponding jackpot wheel

The golden and platinum jackpot wheels have larger prizes than the regular one. The platinum reel has the highest possible values.  This is how you can win the Diamond jackpot, although obviously, lady luck needs to be on your side for it.

A Pleasant Change

It’s safe to say that Boost the Wheel is a surprisingly pleasant change from all the regular slot action. It does things a bit differently than the rest, but that’s what makes it all exciting. There’s no denying the fact that TV game wheel shows are fun and rewarding, and so is Boost the Wheel. It’s a highly volatile game with great winning potential and an RTP of 95%.

If that looks a bit low, let’s not forget everything the wheel offers. Those cash prize multipliers certainly look rewarding, you have free spins too, and a few jackpots to top it off. It’s a delightful little treat for all fans of TV game wheel shows that have been going strong for decades. Of course, it’s wrapped in a neat little package, and a bit different from what we’re all used to playing.

The big surprise are those jackpots you can also win if you’re lucky on the wheel. The biggest one is 1,000x the bet, which, paired with the high betting range, represents a pretty decent win for a slot of its kind.

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