Live Bitcoin Lotto

Lottery has always been one of the most popular games of chance. The objective of the game is to hit the jackpot with right number combinations. No skills are needed for the game, therefore, many people list it as one of their favorites. Who doesn’t excited by the idea making  a relatively low investment and potentially winning millions of dollars in major lotteries like the mega millions lottery?  In addition, since the ever-famous Bitcoin emerged, it has already captured everything in the virtual world, including lottery.

Bitcoin Lotto can be played at many online gambling sites that accept Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. The game can also be played live from the comfort of your home. Read on to learn more about Live Bitcoin Lotto and how and where to play the game.

Where and How to Play

Live Bitcoin Lottery is available at online gambling sites that accept Bitcoin as banking currency like The site is legally licensed, safe and secure and offers anonymous banking via Bitcoins. Players can instantly make deposits using Bitcoins and start playing in no time.

To play Live Bitcoin Lotto make sure the site offers it in its game’s suite and accepts Bitcoins. Then register a real money account and make a deposit. Choose one of the variants you want to play and pick from the offered betting options. Select the amount you want to bet and wait till the live stream starts.

Types of Live Bitcoin Lotto Games

Live Bitcoin Lotto may be confusing to some people but it is not very different form a usual lotto game. The biggest difference is that the game is empowered by Bitcoins and it is played in live, real time setting. Just like most games of luck, Live Bitcoin Lotto can have a couple of variants. Two popular ones are:

  • 5 out of 36
  • 7 out of 42

5 Out of 36

The game is also called Lucky 5 and it combines traditional betting with lottery. It consists of balls with four different colors and players can choose from white, blue, red and green colored balls. They should guess the sequence of the balls dropped. To play this Live dealer Bitcoin Lottery game variant choose a betting option and the amount you wish to bet. Players can make the following types of bets:

  • Numbers
  • White Balls
  • Green Balls
  • Red Balls
  • Blue Balls
  •  Different Colors

7 Out of 42

Also called Lucky 7, this Lotto variant consists of 21 yellow and 21 black balls. The sum of all numbered balls is 903. The game is streamed live every five minutes and 7 lucky numbers out of 42 are dropped. Betting on outcomes of a session is possible until the start of each edition. The following are the types of bets available:

  • Numbers
  • Black/ Yellow Balls Total
  • Total Sum
  • Total Count
  • Odd/ Even
  • Black/ Yellow


Live Bitcoin Lotto is the fastest and simplest way to start an action. In a matter of minutes, you can easily make a Bitcoin deposit, choose your favorite variant, pick a betting option and place a bet. Luck plays a huge role so you don’t need to practice the game and learn betting techniques.

Furthermore, you play and win with complete anonymity. You sign up with a Bitcoin site without the need to provide any personal or financial data and you make anonymous deposits. All that is known is your username.

The live Bitcoin Lottery game is also legal. Even though Bitcoin currency is not regulated by any financial or government institution it doesn’t mean that it is illegal to use. Instead players can freely use it to play the game anywhere and anytime they want.