How to Withdraw winnings from a Bitcoin Casino

When you play casino games on the Internet at online casinos, it is very important to find a suitable and safe banking option you can use to cash out your winnings. After all, you are playing to win real cash and increase your pocket money.

Withdrawing your winnings using Bitcoins is probably the safest option on the Internet to get the money you have won. The virtual currency can be used as reliable banking option at many online casinos that accept it so if you want to play real money online casino games, sign up with a good Bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin allows players to remain anonymous and safely deposit and cash out using nothing but a Bitcoin address to which Bitcoins need to be sent or received. In addition, withdrawing with Bitcoins is fast, easy and comes with virtually no transaction fees. Continue reading to find out more.

How to Make a Cashout from a Bitcoin Casino?

In order to make a withdrawal from a Bitcoin casino like, you must have won Bitcoins by playing games as well as cleared out the wagering requirements if you have claimed a bonus. When you request a withdrawal, Bitcoins are sent from your online casino account to your Bitcoin wallet address.

Withdrawals are usually processed immediately and you should get your Bitcoins within 12 hours. In most cases, you don’t have to pay any extra withdrawal fees. It takes only a few mouse clicks to do a withdrawal and the following are the steps you need to make:

Step One

Log into your Bitcoin casino account with your username and password and visit the Withdraw tab.

Step Two

In the Withdrawal section, enter your Bitcoin wallet address.

Step Three

Then type in the amount of Bitcoins you want to cash out from the casino.

Bitcoins Only Exit Digitally from Online Casinos

When speaking of Bitcoins as currency, many people conjure up images of physical money. But the truth is Bitcoins only exit digitally or from one virtual Bitcoin address to another. There is not even a physical document that can be downloaded.

In other words, Bitcoins exit virtually in digital form as a record of the transactions completed by the different Bitcoin addresses. However, if you want to reconstruct the balance of a certain Bitcoin address, you have to extract information from the block chain Bitcoins exit in order to get an overall figure.

Why Use Bitcoins to Withdraw from Online Casinos?

There are a couple of advantages Bitcoin offers to online casino fans. When cashing out money with Bitcoin players get the following benefits:

  • Transactions are fast
  • Transfers are cheap
  • Information related to transactions is secure
  • Bitcoins are private

Transactions are Fast

Bitcoins can replace some rather antiquated payment methods like bank transfers or transfers made by check. These means of transferring funds take a couple of days to clear because they include many verification procedures. With Bitcoins, you will get your money in no time.

Transactions are Cheap

Bitcoins are free to use although some online casinos may charge you a small transaction fee for withdrawals.

Information Related to Transactions is Secure

This is probably the biggest benefit of using Bitcoins to make online casino transactions. When you use credit cards, for example, you have to enter sensitive information like credit card details and personal info. When you transfer with Bitcoin, nobody is aware who you are because all you have to enter is your Bitcoin wallet address. Therefore, sensitive information is secure.

Bitcoins are Private

Bitcoins satisfy the need of having private transactions. When you use credit cards to make transactions, there is a paper trail that shows where funds were spent. With Bitcoins all that is known is the wallet address or user names to which Bitcoins are sent or received.


All in all, Bitcoin transactions are safe and reliable means of transferring virtual money to and from online casinos. The personal details of players are also secure and private and there are virtually no fees associated with withdrawals.