Live Bitcoin Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular card games that combine the element of luck and skill. In the early days it was played among the high class society at land based casinos, but it soon became available to people from around the world and made its way on the Internet as well as on mobile devices. The game is also popular at live dealer casinos.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a new virtual currency that also touched Internet casinos. Nowadays there are many online as well as live dealer casinos that accept Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Therefore, players from all parts of the globe can now play Live Bitcoin Blackjack from the comfort of their homes and enjoy completely anonymous game play.

What is Live Bitcoin Blackjack?

Live Bitcoin Blackjack is a live dealer version of standard online casino blackjack but it is played with Bitcoins. In other words, casino fans use Bitcoins to play the game, which is streamed from a real land based studio.

The game has true-to-life characteristics. Players are dealt cards by real live dealers and they can chat with them via the provided live chat box. The entire action is also happening in real time so nothing can affect the outcome of a gaming session. In addition, most of the standard blackjack rules apply for Live Bitcoin Blackjack.

Objective and Rules

The objective of Live Bitcoin Blackjack is to get a hand with a value closer to 21 than the dealer. If you get 21 exactly you have blackjack which is paid 3 to 2. However, make sure you don’t “bust” or go over 21.

The playing cards in Bitcoin Blackjack also have different values. An Ace is counted as 1 or 11, a Jack, King and Queen are counted as 10, while cards from 2 to 10 have their value shown. A blackjack hand is a hand that consists of an Ace and a 10-valued card. Players are dealt two up cards, while the dealer has one face-up card and one face-down.

To play the game you should also know when to draw another card or hit, when to stand or stop drawing cards, when to double down a hand and when to split cards. In other words, the following choices are available:

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Double Down
  • Split

Players can also make insurance bets if the dealer’s up card is an Ace and this type of bet is paid 2 to 1. In some cases, players can also surrender a hand and lose half of their original bet if they suspect that they have no chance of winning.


Always draw another card if you have a hand of 8 or between 12 and 16 and the dealer is showing a card with a value of 7-10 or an Ace. Also, hit if you have an 11 and the dealer has an Ace.


Stand if the dealer is showing a 6 or below and you have a 13 or more. Also stand if you have a 17 and if you have pairs of 10s that can be split.

Double Down

This is a profitable option in Blackjack and it is allowed if you have a 9, 10 or 11. It gives you the chance to increase your bet and you will be dealt one more card. Double Down if you have an 11 and the dealer is showing a 5 or 6


Split eights and aces if allowed. Also split cards if the dealer’s up card is 6 or below and you have a pair of 6s and 7s. A pair of 5s should never be split.

How to Play Live Blackjack with Bitcoins

To play Live Bitcoin Blackjack, register a real money account with a safe and trustworthy Bitcoin casino and make a deposit. One such casino that offers high quality gaming and service is Then head over to the live casino sector and click on the game.

Once it loads, choose the amount you want to bet and click on the Hit/Stand/Split buttons to make appropriate choices.


The biggest advantage of playing Live Bitcoin Blackjack is that the game has one of the lowest house edges of all casino games. Moreover, with suitable playing technique players can further lower the house advantage and increase their chances of winning.

In addition, the game is played with Bitcoins so it is a perfect option for players that want to play with this virtual currency and stay anonymous.