Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

In the world of online gaming the word “free” comes with a certain expectation. How can something be free when you can win money off it? Free spins is one of the most widely used and accepted promotional offers by both “regular” and the ever expanding Bitcoin casino online market.

The idea is to attract new and existing players with a bundle of free spins for their favorite slot games, meaning you can play for free using the attributed amount spins by the casino and win Bitcoins that will be added to your bankroll! It sounds simple because it is – though there are several important aspects to the process that need to be addressed.

Bitcasino Frequently Award Players with Free spins

Defining the Bitcoin Casino Free Spins Bonus

Free spins are essentially a promotion set by a Bitcoin casino which aims to bring players to their slots games offer. This bonus usually includes a number of free spins that can be made on slots and other games available at the Bitcoin casino.

There are two types of free spins bonus – the first is the opt-for promotion package which players can claim when visiting a Bitcoin casino and the second is earn free spins when playing a slot game.

The important thing to observe when looking at a variety of free spins offer is whether they co-relate to other promotions available at the Bitcoin casino. Some casinos will have you forfeit other types of bonuses like the first deposit bonus in favor of free spins, meaning if you opt for the one bonus you can’t get the other. It is important then to read up on the requirements before claiming the free spins bonus.

Where Can You Get Free Spins?

With the rise of Bitcoin casinos, the number of sites that offer various types of bonuses is increasing each year. However, this isn’t the case with free spins since not many Bitcoin casinos have slot games in their offer. This means that there is only a small portion of the casino market that offers this type of bonus, so it can be quite challenging to find such site.

Which Games are Eligible for Free Spins?

The offer of games varies from one casino to the next, however what they all have in common is the relation to slots and slot-like games. Many Bitcoin casinos have at least one slot game available which in turn can offer a free spins option for that particular title.

With variety on their side however, many Bitcoin casinos have unique games that can take advantage of the free spins bonus so do not be hesitant to try them out for free and earn some cash along the way.

A rare but still welcome addition is the embedded free spins bonus in the bonus features of slots and other games as part of a Bitcoin casino. This bonus can be triggered when playing and can help increase your winnings by making your next several spins not cost a dime.


The idea of using a free spins bonus at a Bitcoin casino is a solid, if not rare one. It is quite difficult to locate a casino that offers this type of free bonus to players, but if you do manage to find it, read carefully the requirements and rules so you do not forfeit the right to get additional promotions and bonuses. Free spins are a great way to get to know the casino’s games while earning some cash while doing so.