US Poker Pro Michael Mizrachi Launches New Bitcoin Poker Site

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Get Lucky Poker US professional poker player Michael Mizrachi, who has won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet thrice and earned over $14,580,583 playing live poker tournament alone, has decided to launch a brand new bitcoin online poker room called and sponsor some of his best poker buddies, including Luis Velador, Mike Matusow, and his three brothers.

GetLuckyPoker Soft Launched Last Year

Get Lucky Poker was soft launched last year, but hasn’t become fully functional as yet. Last week, Michael Mizrachi told Lee Davy of “I have decided to make my own luck. I am opening my own online poker site. We will have a few pros on there. It will be called and we will be using bitcoins. Hopefully, that works. We will have Badeci, Badugi, Deuce to Seven, and as many games as we can get up on there. Hopefully, it will be up before the beginning of January and it’s going to be exciting.”

Online poker players as well as the bitcoin online gambling community are now watching Mizrachi and his with interest. Gambling is nothing new to Mizrachi, who plays under the moniker “The Grinder.” Talking about his project, he said that they are not afraid of losing as they are gamblers. Opining that “bitcoin will rise up,” he admits that it is all new to him, but that he is willing to take the risk and feels that it will become a success. Admitting that some of his previous businesses were not that good, he said that it is a risk one must take while starting a new business.

Bitcoin Poker Popularity and BRO

Gambling with bitcoins has become very popular, especially as more and more gamblers are realizing the advantages of it. Bitcoin allows players to deposit funds and withdraw winnings quickly, securely, and anonymously. is the one of the largest bitcoin online gaming sites in the industry, operating under the motto: “No Banking, Only Bitcoin.”

In September, the launch of Breakout Gaming, which would offer its own currency called Breakout Coin (BRO), was launched. A large number of poker pros, such as Huck Seed, Johnny Chan, Ted Forrest, Jennifer Harman, and Todd Brunson, extended their support to it. Breakout Gaming Marketing Head Gian Perroni explained that they are constructing a property that aims to support the coin value. He said: “What will make the coin successful is if the gaming is successful, and what makes the gaming successful is the fact that we have a blend of excellent products and very, very good experienced personnel.”

Bitcoin Poker Rooms on the Rise

The number of bitcoin poker rooms is on the rise. According to Steve White, a bitcoin enthusiast, bitcoin online poker sites give players full control over their bankrolls as they do not act as banks. In addition, they can afford to charge minimum rake because they do not have to bother with processing fees.

Currently, the list of online poker sites accepting bitcoins includes Betcoin Poker, Switch Poker, SealsWithClubsWinPoker and a few other.

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