The Legendary Atari Opening a Virtual Bitcoin Casino

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Remember Atari, the legendary American game company that provided the first major game hits such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man? The company has been mum for quite some time until it recently announced its entry into the world of Bitcoin online casinos. Built in the virtual “Vegas City” developed by Decentral Games, Atari is opening its first Bitcoin casino where players can enjoy its hit games.

The casino will feature Atari-themed games that players can enjoy with Bitcoin. These will be games of skill and luck with a further Atari game that will be purely based on skill. The virtual casino is said to go live next month with bets projections going up to around $400 million in the first couple of years.

The Legendary Brand Returns

Decentral Games has said it is delighted to have paired its expertise in building crypto casinos with Atari’s decades of experience in video games. It’s a new possibility that will deliver a truly unique experience unlike anything we’ve seen in Bitcoin casinos so far. Atari’s games are a retro escapade everyone loves, but this time around, you’ll be able to play them with Bitcoin and win BTC in return.

The virtual casino is on track to open its ‘doors’ in April 2021. The company expects $400 million in bets during the first two years which is a pretty optimistic projection. This isn’t Atari’s first venture into cryptocurrency. Playing Pac-Man was always fun, but in these new surroundings, it’s supposed to be much better.

As mentioned earlier, the games expected to make an appearance on the platform include the legendary Pac-Man, Pong, and Space Invaders. These three games are seen as the predecessors of a very successful gaming industry. Many of the platformers people enjoy on PC or PS4/5 these days are built and inspired by Atari. The company has left an ever-lasting legacy in the industry and will try to replicate that in its crypto casino.

Not Atari’s First Crypto Rodeo

This isn’t Atari’s first venture into the world of cryptos. The company has already launched its crypto token built on Ethereum’s protocol. It’s called Atari token and has a current price of around $0.03. Its market cap is $120 million and rising. When the Atari crypto casino opens up later next month, players will be able to use the token to play the classic games. Atari’s plans are to eventually introduce the Atari token as a form of payment.

The company’s representatives believe that the token will be beneficial in this industry and others later on. It plans to make it a globally available form of payment, although that could be years away.

For now, Atari is focused on delivering a unique casino gaming experience built on Bitcoin. It will surely cause a ripple in the BTC casino community thanks to the fact that you can play Atari’s classics with the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

To be honest, we can’t think of more fun times than spending our BTC on classics such as Space Invaders.

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