Is Satoshi Back? A Mysterious Twitter Account Related to Satoshi Suddenly Goes Live

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Bitcoin’s original founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, is a mysterious figure in the crypto community. Since the whitepaper was issue no one has been able to crack his identity. Many have claimed to be the real Satoshi, but have no proof other than talk. But, his presence online might eventually uncover the truth. The Satoshi Nakamoto account on Twitter suddenly went live after previously going live just once in 2018.

The @satoshi account suddenly tweeted for the first time in years, sparking instant response from the crypto community. Of course, no one’s sure if it’s Satoshi at all, but it certainly caused a ruckus. The verified account with a blue checkmark tweeted only once, and we have no idea if it goes dormant once again.

A Verified Account

The Satoshi Twitter account is one of the rare attributed to the mysterious creator with a blue checkmark. On Monday, the Twitter account went live and tweeted for the first time since 2018. ‘Bitcoin is a predicate machine,’ it said, while further stating that in the coming weeks, it will explore different Bitcoin aspects that weren’t part of the original whitepaper.

It was the second post from the @satoshi account this week. Twitter users and Bitcoin fans were rightfully excited about it. However, seasoned traders and enthusiasts don’t believe the account is the real Satoshi. Many attribute it to Craig Wright, an Englishman who claims to be Satoshi, albeit with no real proof.

nChain CEO and entrepreneur Christian Ager-Hanssen says that it’s too big a coincidence that the account goes live just as Hanssen exposes Craig. He’s been tweeting about Craig Wright and his ongoing legal battles against a group of Bitcoin developers for weeks. He even remarked about Satoshi paying for the blue checkmark with his bank account which he saw hilarious.

Craig Wright, the controversial figure who claims he invented Bitcoin has been in the news several times these past months. Wright has been claiming that for a decade. He’s currently involved in a series of legal battles surrounding Bitcoin. One of them is against a group of 12 Bitcoin Core developers who are backed by major crypto figures such as Jack Dorsey.

Will the Real Satoshi Stand Up?

Over the years, there have been many different claims over who might be Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright is just the latest figure. Before him, there were claims that Nakamoto might be Elon Musk, Adam Back, a British cryptographer, computer scientists Nick Szabo or Hal Finney, or physicist Dorian Nakamoto.

Similar to the @satoshi account, Finney’s Twitter account went live last week. It was active in 2014 for the last time. But, it went live for a different reason than an important announcement. Finney’s wife Fran tweeted a statement to keep the account purged for inactivity from Musk’s X platform.

Craig Wright will have several legal ways to prove that he’s Satoshi in the coming months. Of course, there are many who simply don’t accept his claims. It will be interesting if we ever see this information go live, as it will surely have a deep impact on the market.

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