Hit Record Space Highs in Orbital Gaming’s Stellar, Now Live at FortuneJack

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Crash games have been a huge hit in the pat few years at the best crypto casinos. FortuneJack is one of the premier gaming sites with cryptocurrencies, so any new crash game should eventually land there. On March 1, the casino introduced us to a stellar new journey by its in-game studio, Orbital Gaming, simply titled Stellar.

Like all crash games, it’s all about being fast and lucky in this one. But, instead of astronauts, the journey now involves a starship. Thanks to the spectacular imagery and sound effects, it’s a space trip like no other. Plus, unlike earlier crash games, this one has a bonus round and epic and progressive gameplay that are sure to turn heads.

Time to Fly to the Stars

For those unaware, Stellar is one of those crash games where you either hit a record multiplier or crash down to earth. The epic game is a space opera that mimics crypto’s volatility. If you don’t act on time and cut profit, you lose a lot of your investment. It’s the same in this game. Risk your bets and wait for a higher multiplier to crash and burn or win a stellar amount of money that will put a smile on your face.

While crash games might not sound exciting to some players, we can assure you they’re as great as it gets. The rules are simple – place a bet (or a few) and wait for the rocket to soar through the sky. A multiplier will keep going higher and higher as the rocket tries to avoid extraterrestrial objects. If you cash out on time, you get to keep the money. If you let it ride, well, it all comes down to luck.

What gives Stellar the edge over the competition? It’s a multiplayer game with a double bet. You can play the game at FortuneJack casino any time of the day or night. It’s a modern game powered by the HTML5 platform, meaning you can play it on instant play platforms on desktop and mobile devices. Orbital Gaming’s new crash game has an RTP of a whopping 97%. It also has bet history, live bets, aidrops, a jackpot round, and live chat as features that make it distinct in the sea of crash games.

It’s an out-of-this world experience that you need to try yourself. Those stunning visuals help its case further, making it one of the better crash game options out there at the moment.

FortuneJack – the Best Place for Stellar Gaming

FortuneJack is a pioneer in crypto gambling. It has been around for quite some time, establishing itself as one of the leading providers in the field. The casino offers various benefits to players, including fantastic bonuses and promotions you won’t be able to resist. On top of that, it constantly updates its game lobby with new games such as Stellar.

You have plenty of chances to reach for the stars at FortuneJack, so join now and let the stellar flight commence.

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