bitStarz Goes Pachinko With its Latest Exclusive

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Last year was a major hallmark for bitStarz. The popular crypto casino released its first exclusives in April 2022. The batch of in-house games was a real marvel. These games were designed to be light-weight and fun to play. Their lightning-fast loading games made them a perfect fit for on the go gaming. They may not match the latest slots in terms of graphics or features, but in terms of fun, bitStarz’s exclusives are unbeatable.

The collection has just grown with the release of Pachinko. With it, bitStarz does something not many developers have before. Pachinko, the popular gambling product of Japan, has not been adapted in a great way outside of Asia. That will definitely change with bitStarz’s new game, and everyone’s very excited about it.

What’s Pachinko?

Pachinko is a unique game that’s played in parlors across Japan. It’s quite a controversial one too as many deem it too addictive. In some ways, it’s like pinball. You play it by buying special metal balls which you then ‘feed’ into the machine that fires them up the playing field. It’s similar to pinball machines, but unique in its own way.

Unlike pachinko parlors, the balls you get for this game are not shiny metal, but yellow. You’ll need to join bitStarz and make a deposit before you can play the game for real money. That shouldn’t be too hard. Next up is buying the balls from the in-game menu. The more you have, the better your chances. Pachinko has a very simple user interface so you won’t find it troubling to play. Better yet, you can check the guide for the rules.

You can buy 50, 100, or 200 balls max. The game plays much like a slot. You either click on Play or hit the Spacebar to start. A ball will launch across the game area. The goal is simple. You need to get these small balls to the designated pocket points or the jackpot basket. Hitting the pocket points awards 5 extra balls. If you hit the jackpot, you’ll get 1,000 balls.

Just like in the real pachinko, the payout is in balls, not cash. But, don’t worry. If you decide to cash out, you will get your money’s worth.

Exciting bitStarz Originals

Most crypto casinos are satisfied with nothing but familiar games. Then there are those who push the envelope like bitStarz, and we’re all glad they exist. bitStarz regularly updates its lobby with the latest slots and casino games, but it also does a great job at adding these bitStarz originals which truly make a difference.

We’re been dreaming of a good pachinko adaptation for a long time and now it’s finally here. While there are a few changes to make the game more exciting, this is the only true pachinko game you can play at casinos right now. We’re not counting the live dealer variants that may be a hit or a miss. If you want a true pachinko experience, head to bitStarz right now.

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