Bitcoin Dumpster Guy Plans to Use Boston Dynamics Robots to Find Lost Bitcoin Drive at a Landfill

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Bitcoin has entered the mainstream, being used for a variety of things nowadays. You can pay taxes with it in some jurisdictions, buy various things online and in stores, or play casino games on the web. People have gone crazy for it because of the price, even if it’s far off its record high of nearly $70,000 set in November 2021.

But things were totally different back in the day. People collected Bitcoins as an exciting new technology, thinking it’ll be worth something in the future. Many have lost faith after some time, and dumped their Bitcoins on stuff like pizza or simply forgotten where they stored them. The Internet was recently sent ablaze when a man revealed he’s looking for a dumped hard drive where he stored 80,000 BTC back in the day.

His quest now? To find the drive at a landfill with the help of robot dogs.

Needle in a Haystack

To be honest, searching for the lost Bitcoin drive in the landfill is literally looking for a needle in a haystack. But, people love extraordinary odds and are willing to do anything to get their hands on long-lost riches. A man from the UK missed on the chance to become a millionaire when he threw a hard drive into a bin.

James Howells, a former IT worker, was very interested in new technologies a decade ago. He loved what crypto offered and had a bunch of Bitcoins bought. He stored them on an HDD and literally forgot about them. He forgot the passcode too, which is going to be the biggest obstacle if he ever finds the lost drive. Howells says he accidentally dumped the wrong hard drive 10 years ago and realized it not long after.

He has been looking for his lost crypto stash for a long time, and now plans to include robot dogs. It’s been a long road, but with 80,000 BTC stored on that drive, he won’t stop digging.

Howells has put together an $11 million plan that will help him excavate the landfill. He’s already secured part of the funding from two European venture-based capitalists. His original plan would go for three years of digging through 110,000 tons of trash. The garbage would be sorted and sent to a separate facility where it should be checked by human pickers and an AI software.

When it comes to the robot dogs, they’ll scan the ground looking for the hard drive.

Mission Impossible?

Howells’ plan is very optimistic, yet the Welsh city of Newport isn’t that high on the idea. The local government considers it a big ecological risk to dig up the landfill so Howells could find the drive, and argued that it could be damaged. The IT worker said that the internal disk should be OK, and has promised 25% of the crypto revenue to the government should he find the disk.

That hasn’t stopped him from putting in another request, and if things don’t work out this time, he plans to take the government to court.

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