Beef Up Your FortuneJack Loyalty Garage by Earning SP and Getting the Best Vehicles

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Gambling offers amazing cash prizes, but sometimes, as we’ve seen in Hollywood flicks, it can also offer deluxe items. Those include expensive watches, art, or cars – whatever players can spare. That mostly happens in Vegas and Macau, though. But, online casinos have closely followed that concept and brought it to new heights thanks to their VIP programs.

Take a look at FortuneJack casino, for example. The popular Bitcoin casino has a beefy VIP program named Loyalty Garage that offers rewards depicted by deluxe cars and yachts, with a private jet being the ultimate reward. Of course, it ain’t easy to collect all these prizes, but if you’re a regular in the casino, you’re in for a nice surprise.

Start with a Scooter, Finish with a Jet

  • As a new player in FortuneJack, you’re entitled to a scooter. Not a literal one, but that’s what the first level is called. This level is available up to 50 status points. With it, you get a 25% up to 0.25 BTC bonus that will come in handy when you play the casino’s games.
  • The next step is the Tesla level. Represented by the popular electric vehicle, this status is available from 51 to 300 status points. It gives players a 30% reload bonus up to half a BTC.
  • Electric vehicles are all the rage right now, but a Lambo’s a Lambo. It’s the next tier of FortuneJack’s VIP club that you can get when you earn between 301 and 1,500 status points. At this point, the stakes are already higher, so you will earn a 35% reload bonus up to 1 BTC.
  • And while Lambos are a great display of your wealth, the next level means business. It’s represented by a yacht that can take you anywhere in the world, and gives you a 40% reload up to 2 BTC. This is a pretty beefy reward and you can expect it when you collect over 1,500 SP in FortuneJack casino.
  • Yachts are undoubtedly a big display of wealth and power, but if you really want to show how big of a high roller you are, you’ll be aiming for the so-called VIP level. Represented by a private jet, it’s the ultimate tier in FortuneJack’s loyalty program. This one doesn’t need status points – it’s an invitational level only. It comes with an individual cashback bonus as well as exclusive benefits the other tiers don’t offer.

How to Earn FortuneJack Status Points

SP, short for Status Points, are FortuneJack’s ‘currency’ for reaching higher and higher VIP statutes. How can you win these points? It’s easy – you get a single one for every $100 you deposit. Keep in mind that your status points are only valid for a month – once you get them, you have a limited time to spend them on the casino’s top slots and casino games.

But with those prizes in tow, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t. Those reloads look pretty enticing, and will fill your bankroll up in a jiffy for the challenges ahead.

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