YouTube Suddenly Shuts Down All Bitcoin Videos

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In a surprising move a few days ago, the world’s second-largest search engine and biggest video service YouTube decided to remove all videos involving Bitcoin without a previous warning. We’re not talking about scams or Bitcoin videos with advertising here – all cryptocurrency videos were removed.

As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube has a major responsibility to keep the platform free of controversial content. However, what happened a few days ago has rightfully caused a massive stir in the community.

All Cryptocurrency Videos were Blocked Without Warning

No one is really sure why the giant reacted this way. A large part of the community is confused and the other part is, well, furious. Chris Dunn, for example, a popular streamed, has voiced his opinion on Twitter and have YouTube a thumbs down. He criticized the movie which annulled 10 years of hard work, 200,000 subscribers, and over 7M views. Of course, he received a fair share of support from the crypto community and said that he should have moved to a decentralized video platform long ago.

Many share Dunn’s opinion. After nearly 10 years of videos, YouTube shutting down all videos involving Bitcoin is a big mistake. The platform has now classified such content as “dangerous and harmful”, with the main reason for the shutdown being “sale of regulated goods”. Just like in most cases when fighting social media juggernauts, no clear answer has been given. For YouTubers, though, the solution is clear. Everyone affected by the shutdown and their followers want a move to a decentralized platform that will allow them to share their thoughts with the fans.

This is not the first time this happened. Google (YouTube’s owner, btw), has removed cryptocurrency ads from Google Sense in 2018. That was the first move against cryptos, but now the war is moving full steam ahead. On a positive note, one of the biggest social media platforms, Twitter, wants to become the web’s first decentralized platform.

Twitter the Next Crypto Heaven?

Twitter is expected to become more decentralized in the future according to Bitcoin billionaire Tim Draper. As a platform built entirely on open source code, so it allows transparency just like the blockchain. Draper was instantly backed up by Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson who is open to helping Draper with his technical know-how. It remains to be seen if Twitter becomes a decentralized platform like many hope it will or we’ll see a completely new social media platform for cryptocurrencies.

The fact that YouTube shutdown cryptocurrency videos is not good news for any crypto industry. In a time when more and more countries are joining the Bitcoin party, this move holds the leading cryptocurrency back. Such a move could signal others to follow in YouTube’s footsteps which may spread to other crypto industries such as Bitcoin gambling. Bitcoin casinos are on the rise right now and shutting them down will be a major mistake.

The world is still divided on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and things are not what they seem. But we hope that YouTube’s move gives birth to a new platform that sees decentralized currencies as the future.

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