With a Possible Market Crash Soon, Financial Advisor and Celebrity Recommends Stocking Up on Cryptos and Gold

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Robert Kiyosaki, author of the popular financial advice book Rich Dad Poor Dad recently tweeted news that could be seen as controversial. For weeks, experts have been warning about an incoming market crash in the USA. Kiyosaki tweeted to his almost 2 million followers that it’s coming in October. He also urged everyone to invest in gold, silver, Bitcoin, and Ethereum to shield themselves from “the worst market crash in history”.

The possible market crash is supposedly coming due to the government and treasury being short on T-bills. Kiyosaki also added that the Evergrande financial disaster is another key factor for the crash, and that cryptos may crash too, although not as hard.

Inflation on the Climb

The largest cryptocurrencies by market volume, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have already folded numerous times this year. Investors have stockpiled cash in various markets and commodities in order to lessen the impact of inflation. In the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, inflation continues climbing to dangerous levels, sparking many to rush to the crypto market.

Kiyosaka is apparently one of those investors who has high praise for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin’s price has jumped over 300% this year, even with recent shortcomings. It has been a record year for Ethereum too, breaking past numerous price records that have seen it establish itself as a second-to-none crypto. With fast-approaching debt ceilings on the way, cryptos are becoming more and more popular.

With financial instability caused by the epidemic and many other events, crypto markets have soared. The total value of the crypto industry jumped from $300 billion to $2 trillion this year. It will supposedly climb even higher with no optimism in US markets recently. Inflation rates are through the roof and experts are warning of a possible market crash that will supposedly be the biggest in history. While the government is trying to calm everyone down, people are piling up money in crypto assets and getting ready for what comes next.

China’s Crypto Breakdown Makes Matters Worse

Earlier this week, Kiyosaki tweeted that continued China crypto crackdowns could result in Bitcoin being outlawed. According to the popular financial writer and advisor, it could mean that the Fed is preparing a digital coin. All of that will lead us into a dark future where freedom as we know it wouldn’t exist.

Before that, he said that Bitcoin is coming into global focus, and that gold and real estate guys are being “pushed out” of the market. His warnings of an October crash may be too ominous, but according to many of his followers, investing into the largest stocks and cryptos may be a good idea.

The world is currently in a middle of a financial crisis that could deepen. With the Evergrande financial disaster looming, investing into assets that can see a breakout year is smart. Evergrande’s impact can have serious repercussions on the global economy, and in that case, it may be Bitcoin’s time to shine.

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