West Coast’s Biggest BTM Operator Seeks Opportunities to Expand

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coincloud Bitcoin now has several opportunities as an alternative payment option in the United States because CoinCloud, the biggest operator of bitcoin ATMs on the west coast, is planning to expand. CoinCloud already has more than 14 Bitaccess BTM kiosks.

Bitcoin Opportunities

CoinCloud has realized that the demand for Bitcoin is very high in the United States in general and in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in particular. Many of CoinCloud’s customers lack the credentials required to get a bank account. For example, they may have a passport, but aren’t residents of the US or they may not be able to speak English or they may just be uncomfortable about approaching banks. According to CoinCloud CEO Chris McAlary, such people often swap “a bank account for a smartphone.”

Many of them use BTMs to send money to loved ones residing in offshore countries. Usually, they are people who want to send money to friends or family members residing in developing countries. CoinCloud helps them to convert their cash into bitcoins at BTMs so that they can be transferred to anybody in the world.

International Bitcoin Gamblers

CoinCloud takes full advantages of the cross-border capabilities of Bitcoin as it has international clients who arrive into Sin City in order to gamble. Thanks to CoinCloud, they no longer have to worry about daily ATM limits, the dangers of carrying around huge amounts of money, and bank fraud alerts. They can easily convert bitcoin stakes into bitcoins at BTMs, especially the BTM at D Casino.

Expansion Plans

CoinCloud is continuously searching for prime locations for its BTMs. According to McAlary, the best places to launch BTMs are those that are being constantly accessed by a wide range of people. These are places such as 24-hr convenience stores and other locations that can be publicly accessible. He said: “The kiosks draw a wide range of new customers, on average 200 – 300 a month that would have otherwise not entered a store.”

Increased Bitcoin Distribution in Las Vegas

Sin City has taken to bitcoin like a duck takes to water. During the last few years, more and more travelers are making bitcoin payments for restaurants, casinos, hotels, limos, bachelorette parties, escort services, and many other products and services offered at Las Vegas. Las Vegas is witnessing increased bitcoin distribution because providers of goods and services want to make things as easy as possible for their customers.

Owing to the mushrooming of BTMs all over Las Vegas, major businesses such as the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino are raking in more profits. Customers can now make bitcoin payments at shops, restaurants, front desk, and other facilities at these hotel casinos.

The number of businesses across Las Vegas accepting payments in bitcoins is on the rise. People are eager to spend in bitcoins and businesses want to make a profit by giving people what they want. The international global payment conference held last year highlighted Bitcoin and pointed out why businesses ought to consider accepting payments in bitcoins.

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