Trust Dice Creates a new Provably Fair Bitcoin Platform

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Have you heard about Trust Dice? An EOS blockchain-based gaming website, Trust Dice has recently launched a new provably fair gaming platform. It gives cryptocurrency owners a chance to play with various altcoins and takes Bitcoin gaming on a new level.

All players in the Bitcoin casino can use BTC, EOS, USDT, and ETH to deposit and play games. The most interesting part is that the platform has also added mining into the mix. Players can simply play Bitcoin games at the site and mine its native currency TXT, unlocking TXT tokens that can be swapped for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

What’s Trust Dice?

Trust Dice is one of the world’s first gaming platforms built using trustless Blockchain tech. It promises transparent instant-play gaming where you can log-in with your EOS wallet without entering sensitive data. Everything’s kept secure by a vast array of encryption layers. Trust Dice’s games are fair and random – you can even verify each roll of the dice for manipulation.

Players at Trust Dice will be rewarded with TXT tokens that can be converted to other cryptocurrencies or cash. TXT is an innovative token created by Trust Dice and is issued on EOS. The team behind Trust Dice obviously knows what it’s doing since it consists of blockchain enthusiasts and geeks who have one goal in mind – build a trust EOS ecosystem and deliver top Bitcoin casino games.

Thanks to the new provably fair gaming platform, you can now use BTC and other altcoins to power up the games and make money. If you’re wondering what you can play, there are Bitcoin slots, baccarat, roulette, video pokers, and even jackpot slots on offer. If you own cryptocurrencies and occasionally gamble, Trust Dice’s new platform will surely suit your needs.

Play the Games – Mine Crypto

The play-to-mine functionality of Trust Dice’s platform is another huge draw. It gives all players a chance to earn the native TXT cryptocurrency and later convert it to fiat money. Trust Dice’s coin is still relatively new so don’t expect a great exchange rate. However, like all altcoins, it can shoot to the top pretty soon, especially if the new Provably Fair gaming platform becomes popular.

Players can choose on their own if they want to use TXT on the site or convert it to ETH, BTC, and other crypto coins. The former may be the best option since every wager you make with TXT gives you a small share of dividends in BTC and EOS. It’s a nice way to promote its own crypto coin and a great reward for your playing time.

Trust Dice’s platform goes beyond gaming. It’s a complete Bitcoin gaming web solution with a forum, gaming news, giveaways, and daily faucet for free cryptos. The launch of the Bitcoin casino is a huge step forward for both the company and the Bitcoin gambling community.

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