This Week in Weird Bitcoin Gambling News: Kim Kardashian Plays Bitcoin Poker

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When you think of the people attending public Poker tournaments, you mostly think about amateur players eager to learn the ropes or Poker pros with a sole purpose to crush everyone else and add another trophy to their collection. However, what anyone rarely thinks of on the subject of Poker tours are the Kardashians playing the game. Well, that’s exactly what happened at one charity event, as surprising as it may sounds. And get this, it was not only about regular Poker but also about playing Poker with Bitcoin. Yes, for real.

Kim Plays Poker. Pays With Bitcoin?

As reported by Canadian gaming portal GP, the Kardashians recently teamed up for a charity event set up to raise money for a cancer research center in California. The event reportedly gathered around $500,000 and was attended by a few notable individuals, including Kim Kardashian herself and her mother/manager Kris Jenner.

The game played at the tournament was Texas Hold’Em and Kim and her mom were both seated at the tables and playing. But the plot twist wasn’t that the Kardashians were gambling but that they were also endorsing the world’s biggest cryptocurrency by market cap – Bitcoin.  However, it isn’t like Kim pulled out a mobile wallet and transferred some cryptocurrency to a dealer through a QR code scanner. No, she actually took out a physical Bitcoin coin.

As her Instagram feed suggests, the Bitcoin used was a beautifully-designed chip that looked like a platinum playing card with a Bitcoin coin carved in the middle of it. For those who were baffled by the occurrence, subsequent reports showed that Kim Kardashian was trying to endorse Bitcoin use for a different individual. Seen in previous posts on her social media profile holding the same type of coin was the cryptocurrency entrepreneur Matt Roszak, raising suspicions that it was all just a clever marketing idea conceived by him.

Meanwhile, Poker Players Use Real Bitcoins

On the other side of the gambling industry, the online sector, Bitcoin is not something that needs to be promoted by influencers or celebrities. Namely, Bitcoin is a very popular choice of payment in the online casino industry, especially the Poker sector where brands like America’s Cardroom operate. A very popular online Poker room that’s frequented by US and international players, the success of America’s Cardroom is much owed to the adoption of Bitcoin.

Even outside of Poker rooms, Bitcoin is thriving, with more and more new casino operators warming up to the cryptocurrency. Whereas years ago, Bitcoin casinos were few in numbers and not quite up to the standards of fiat money online casinos, things are now radically different and some of the best online gambling brands are actually “Bitcoin-first”.

Furthermore, a recent report from Technavio about the future trends of the online gambling market suggests that Bitcoin is an emerging trend in a sector that is expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11% for the following year. Still, that doesn’t stop influential media from labeling Bitcoin as nothing but a tool for people who don’t want to get caught online while committing felonies.

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