The AGA is Calling for More Cashless Casinos in the Wake of COVID-19

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AGA calls for cashless casinos Around 4 months after the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic started, the world is still reeling from the effects. We’re not just talking about the massive death toll – several industries are in danger too. Financial effects from this crisis will have a long-lasting impact with fiat money showing that it can’t withstand the test of time. Luckily, digital currencies can and calls for cashless systems are coming from all directions.

Most recently, the American Gaming Association (AGA) released a report where it calls for cashless gaming sites. While it doesn’t specifically mention cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin, the goal of the report is clear. The fiat money casino industry is in trouble because of the pandemic and Bitcoin and cryptos might be there to save it.

New Payment Options Needed

The AGA’s report is based on 18 months of research about new payment options at online casinos. While many didn’t think much of it by now, the report is relevant now more than ever as whole industries are ravaged by the spread of COVID-19. Since transmission risk is high on casino floors, customers are calling for new payment options. There’s one such option in particular born for it – Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin online casinos spreading like wildfire over the past year, the leading cryptocurrency might find its way to land-based casinos too. The benefits of playing with Bitcoin online are many. Customers can rely on safe, secure, and blazing-fast transactions while also staying completely under the radar.

The anonymity is one of the things online players love about Bitcoin. In many ways, it has helped elevate the online gambling industry higher and it could do the same for Vegas casinos too. Jurisdictions in many states are calling for cashless systems in casinos and this could also give way to more online Bitcoin casinos.

Cashless systems with Bitcoin and cryptos have already found their use in other industries. People are looking for alternatives so they don’t touch money or cards and with Bitcoin, they can pay with their phones straight from a mobile app. It simplifies things a lot and all transactions are completed in seconds.

Further Market Growth

The global lockdown measures implemented in the first half of 2020 have led to a surge in new online gamers. With fiat money being increasingly less reliable, people have turned to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin to play games online. This has led to noticeable market growth and raised more than a few eyebrows in governments around the world.

Now’s the perfect time for Bitcoin to be introduced to more casinos both online and offline. For land-based venues, it protects players from the virus since you’re not dealing cash that has changed dozens of hands per day. For online casinos, it allows players to spend their hard-mined Bitcoins in a safe and secure environment. Everyone wins with Bitcoin gambling, so the AGA report should be taken seriously.

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