Take Control of Your Luck in Bitcoin Roulette, Now Live in FortuneJack

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Slots may be the biggest casino game on the web, but roulette held that crown for a long time before. While spinning the wheel is not as popular as it was in Vegas and Monaco in the past, live roulette variants have breathed back life in the popular game of chance. For a game with a pre-determined set of rules and pretty much unchangeable equipment, it has evolved nicely with the times.

Live roulette was the last variation to see the light of day. It has added new elements to the game of roulette which made it all the more exciting to play. But, with the gaming industry focusing its efforts on cryptocurrencies, we now finally have a variant that can be played with Bitcoin. Bitcoin Roulette is a brand-new game with Bitcoin betting as well as fast deposits and withdrawals in FortuneJack casino.

What makes it different than the rest of the pack? Let’s take a look at the new game in FortuneJack and why it’s a must-try for BTC fans.

Rules of Bitcoin Roulette

There are plenty of different Bitcoin roulette variants, and they all use the familiar wheel. French and European are the most popular wheels, with 37 pockets each and a single zero that represents the game house edge. The American variant nearly doubles it with a familiar layout but two zero pockets.

What exactly is Bitcoin roulette? It’s a wheel that you can play exclusively with Bitcoin. It’s a much faster variant that takes advantage of Bitcoin’s blockchain speeds and its benefits. In technical terms, everything else is the same as any fiat money roulette variant. Spinning the wheel is the same, and so are the bets and side bets.

While your success in the game is entirely based on chance, there are a few strategies that can help you get optimal results. But, we’d need a separate article just to describe them all. In general, if you know what you’re doing, all you can do with Bitcoin roulette is place a BTC bet and watch the wheel spin.

Bitcoin Roulette Payouts

Roulette fans won’t find it hard to play the game. It has the same bets and side bets like any other variant. You can bet on a Straight number and get paid 35:1, or choose a Split that pays 17:1. Here are some of the other payouts:

  • Street (three numbers) pays 11:1
  • Corner (four numbers) pays 8:1
  • Five numbers pay 6:1
  • Six numbers pay 5:1
  • The Dozen bet pays 2:1
  • Red/black, odd/even, and betting on numbers 1-18 or 19-36 are even money bets

Now that you know what the best pay, you can use any of the popular roulette strategies to get your money’s worth. Try the Martingale, the Paroli, the d’Alembert, or the Fibonacci sequence. They might have different outcomes on your roulette spins and if you’re lucky, they might even bring a nice profit. It’s just a matter of luck.

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