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Vietnam Launching Official Government Research on Crypto to Develop Legal Framework

by Vietnam has just launched an official government research on crypto as it makes a step closer to digital economy. The research will be spearheaded by the Ministry of Finance Read More

The Coronavirus Recession Pushed Bitcoin to the Global Stage

by As we’re nearing the end of the awful 2020, most of us have the same wish – for the coronavirus pandemic to finally end. We’re nearing that goal with Read More

How Governments Seizing Cryptos Are Helping the Market Grow

by In recent months, law enforcement agencies around the world have been hellbent on seizing record amounts of crypto assets from criminals. In August, the USA announced the largest-ever seizure Read More

Russia Gets Even Tougher on Bitcoin

by It’s no secret that the Russian government hates cryptos. Anything that’s not the ruble is essentially forbidden or about to be forbidden in Russia. The Duma has done everything Read More