JPMorgan’s Chase Bank Shifts Stance on Bitcoin and Cryptos

by The largest bank in America and sixth-largest in the world, JPMorgan Chase, has never been a fan of Bitcoin and digital currencies. Worth over $2.6 trillion, the world’s most Read More

Venezuelan President Maduro Approves First Crypto Casino

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Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency Project Alive and Well

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YouTube Suddenly Shuts Down All Bitcoin Videos

by In a surprising move a few days ago, the world’s second-largest search engine and biggest video service YouTube decided to remove all videos involving Bitcoin without a previous warning. Read More

UK Crypto Exchange to Delist Ethereum and Support Only Bitcoin from Now On

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Russian Crypto Law to Ban Bitcoin and Altcoins?

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Governments Can Neutralize Bitcoin in a Flash, Crypto Expert Says

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Is Africa the Next Hotbed for Bitcoin Gambling?

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Apple Reveals Interest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

by More than a month ago, tech-giant Apple dealt a blow to cryptocurrencies after announcing that it’s unique Apple card is off-limits for Bitcoin and gambling. A day before it’s Read More

A Chinese Court Declares Bitcoin a Property

by The Hangzhou Internet Court, one of the top dedicated internet courts in China, officially recognized Bitcoin as digital property last week. Although this doesn’t mean that China has now Read More