Bitcoin Legislation

Japan Opens the Door to Bitcoin Donations; Bitcoin Gambling Legalization to Follow?

by In the latest crypto news from around the world, Bitcoin has outpaced political donation laws in Japan.  The Asian mecca of technology now accepts BTC as a donation to Read More

Kleiman vs. Wright Lawsuit to Make Bitcoin History; Will Increased Public Interest in Bitcoin Affect US Casinos & Businesses?

by Bitcoin is taking over financial news in the US as the Kleiman vs. Wright lawsuit has received an official ruling by Magistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart. And with public Read More

Nevada Deals a Blow to Bitcoin Casinos through Money Transmitter Regulations; US Gamblers as Happy as Ever

by Since their failure to pass the cryptocurrency law just a few months back, Nevada authorities have been more anxious than ever to gain control of these businesses. The land Read More

A Green Light for Bitcoin Salary Regulations in New Zealand

by New Zealand tax authorities have made receiving income in crypto a reality. From now on, it is completely legal and taxable to pay employees’ salaries in cryptocurrency, and be Read More

Bitcoin Gambling in Russia Could Turn Harder With New Legislative Proposals

by For years now, the Russian Federation has been toying with a number of ideas when it comes to regulating digital currencies in the country. Nevertheless, all the while local Read More

Malta Closer to Becoming Blockchain Casino Leader

by The small European island of Malta has been at the centre of the world’s online gambling industry for years as a home of many reputed online casinos. But while Read More

Israel’s Gambling-Banning Cryptocurrency Law Causes Public Stir

by A new draft legislation that would regulate the cryptocurrency sector has been introduced in Israel last week and is already causing a stir. The legislation, which was supposed to Read More

Russia to Legalize Trading on Bitcoin Exchanges

by It seems that Bitcoin casino players in Russia might see some relief coming in their homeland as the Russian government reveals new plans to authorize cryptocurrency buying and selling Read More

Australia Approves Proposed Bitcoin Bill

by The Australian government has recently revealed the progress they’ve made in regulating Bitcoin as a public report on the proposed amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Bill Read More

Russia to Ban Bitcoin Exchanges?

by In another change of heart, Russia’s government seems to be turning cold on Bitcoin as President Putin and the Central Bank publicly warn about the dangers of using cryptocurrencies. Read More