US Senators Introduce Bill That Requires Reports on El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption

by A group of US Senators has just introduced a somewhat strange bill that requires regular reports of El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption. As you may already know, El Salvador has Read More

The Kingdom of Bhutan Supposedly Been Mining Bitcoin for Six Years

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Great News for Bitcoin and the Crypto Market – the Largest Crypto Passes the Bank Stress Test

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Grayscale Goes Up by 10% After Winning Its Battle Against the SEC

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The IMF Warns Countries Not to Make Crypto Legal Tender

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The IMF Once Again Warns El Salvador of Potential Bitcoin Risks

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Arizona State Senator Suddenly Pushes for Bitcoin Legalization

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Coinbase CEO Proposes Bitcoin as a Solution for South American Countries Seeking a Common Currency

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What is Sango Coin, Central Africa’s Bitcoin Companion?

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Fiji’s New Prime Minister Loves Crypto and Pushes for a Bitcoin Bill

by Sitiveni Rabuka is the new Prime Minister of the Pacific Islands of Fiji. That wouldn’t be big news in the crypto world if it wasn’t for his undying love Read More