stUSDT, the World’s First Real World Asset Program, Launches on TRON

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The blockchain is all about innovation and finding new decentralized ways to help the world grow. We’ve had cryptocurrencies first, then the industry came up with stablecoins that provide the same benefits without the volatility. Take a look at Tether – its coin USDT has become a go-to option for many businesses and is mostly used by traders to buy crypto as it can be exchanged at a flat rate. Just days ago, the TRON ecosystem went a step further, introducing us to the first real world asset stUSDT that operates through a decentralized platform named JustLend.

Justin Sun, TRON’s founder, believes that it will evolve to become a crypto version of Alipay’s Yu’e Bao, the market fund powered by Alibaba. It should serve as a bridge that connects traditional markets to blockchain ecosystems, so it’s pretty clear why the industry is so excited.

First of Its Kind

stUSDT is the first of its kind and may end up a revolutionary coin that will change the market and crypto perception for good. It’s only natural that it’s a TRON product. With a $50 billion marketcap, it has sparked much excitement upon introduction. The stUSDT platform will narrow the divide between retail and institutional investors while essentially connecting the crypto world to the real world.

The RWA will give people a chance to invest in a new platform. It’s the first time the TRON ecosystem tokenizes RWAs and introduces them to the community. Well, the first presented on such a scale. In reality, stUSDT is TRON’s answer to the stETH ecosystem on the Lido protocol. stUSDT serves as proof of investment and allows all of its holders to earn passive income from real world assets. As a decentralized asset, it introduces robust asset management mechanisms.

For traditional finance, we’ve seen Alipay use a similar money market fund product – Yu’e Bao. It has been a very successful story, and TRON’s stUSDT is positioned as Yu’e Bao of Web3. Its debut unveils a new chapter for the TRON ecosystem, and may reshape the crypto world we live in. It was only a matter of time before crypto trickled out in the real world, and it seems that this is the vehicle for it.

Similar to Yu’e Bao, stUSDT allows users to engage in passive income and withdraw their assets at any time. Of course, it provides all the transparency and security of the blockchain technology and provides opportunities to connect the crypto world to the real world.

A New Era

If successful – and there are hopes it will be, stUSDT might usher in a new era for crypto. It’ll connect on-chain assets with real-world assets, in that way making it a dynamic bridge that will integrate blockchain into traditional finance. It may be the missing link that we’ve been waiting for, connecting everything from businesses to crypto casinos in a whole new ecosystem for transparent transactions.

It remains to be seen how its launch goes, and if people are interested, but so far, so good.

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