Startup Launches 3 Bitcoin Mobile Games for Android

Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather A startup called BitPlay Today Inc. has turned out to be the first company to give mobile players a platform on which they can play and win bitcoins. The platform, which is known as BitPlay Network, comprises three Android-compatible Bitcoin games—Coin Flapper, Coin Crusher, and Coin Flapper PRO.

About the Network

The BitPlay Network bears the credit of being the first platform in the bitcoin mobile gambling industry to provide easy-to-understand mobile games, which players can play against one another and win prizes in bitcoins. The network offers tourneys for players to match their skills against a maximum of three opponents. Players can either choose their own opponents or allow the network to do so.

The startup says: “As a company based upon the Bitcoin economy, we’re using games to make it easier for mainstream consumers to acquire Bitcoin using the micro-transactions approach. Micro-transactions, along with its global and certified transactional capabilities, are two core strengths of the Bitcoin technology that make the BitPlay Network a compelling and unique new gaming platform.”

The network rewards players in bitcoins depending on how far they succeed in meeting challenges and winning tournaments. Players are free to transfer their bitcoin winnings to a bitcoin wallet by pasting, inputting, or scanning a bitcoin address and hitting on the Send option.

The Games

Coin Crusher displays a number of brilliant jewels that need to be placed in different positions to create combinations of three identical jewels. The flash round lasts only 40 seconds, within which players must match as many jewels as possible to win points.

Coin Flapper challenges players to guide a bird through pillars placed at random. If the bird dashes into the pillars, players will lose points. However, if the bird successfully misses a pillar, players will get rewarded with points.

Coin Crusher and Coin Flapper allow players to enter heads-up matches and tournaments free of cost. Players who end up in one of the top three positions in a tournament leader board or win a heads-up match will be rewarded with as many as six bits, depending on their position and the game they played.

Interested players can download both games free of charge in the Google Play Store.

Coin Flapper PRO is based on the rules of Coin Flapper, but there is a slight difference. The network charges a nominal fee to play this game, but gives the opportunity to win larger bitcoin prizes. Therefore, players of Coin Flapper PRO can win as many as 3,000 bitcoins. The good news is that heads-up matches and tournaments are absolutely free to enter. Players can download and install this game from BitPlay.Today.

Successful Platform

BitPlay Today CEO Christopher Hassett says that over one million games are played on a weekly basis and over 200,000 micro-transactions are processed daily. The company does not launch any expensive marketing campaigns to promote its games, as a result of which the games have been popularized by players in countries all over the world such as Mexico, Brazil, US, and Russia.

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