Spanish Parliament Members Get €1 Worth of Bitcoin

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As part of an educational campaign, Spanish Parliament members were recently sent €1 worth of Bitcoin to their inbox. All 350 members got it, and this wasn’t a donation. Launched by blockchain educational platform Tutellus, the move was made with the aim to raise awareness about the role of cryptos in the transformation of society and economy.

This was not done by chance. While there’s no official legislation yet, Spain is pretty interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Spanish banks have already partnered with cryptos for blockchain based payments and studies have also been made to explore cryptographic techniques.

With Tutellus launching their initiative, we could see a financial reform in Spain that might make it a much more Bitcoin-friendly country.

An Opportunity to Learn More

The organization behind the move, Tutellus, explained to the deputies that the world is currently entering a phase of profound changes in regards to money. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming clear that cryptocurrencies have a major role in global economy. Fiat currencies are failing to carry the load, and cryptos are becoming a much more obvious alternative.

All representatives of Spain’s ten parliamentary groups were sent an email with the equivalent of €1 in Bitcoin. Many were surprised and didn’t know what to do with it. Some Parliament members had experience with crypto, though, and instantly got the message.

This isn’t the sole such action. Not long ago, the Chamber of Digital Commerce started the Crypto for Congress initiative by sending the US Congress members Bitcoin. This time, however, they were sent out as campaign contributions.

Tutellus’ goal is clear – to get Parliament members interested in cryptocurrencies. By getting in touch with Bitcoin, Tutellus hopes that members of the Spanish Parliament will change their stance on cryptos in general and move quickly with new laws that support them. With the digital Euro on the horizon, Tutellus believes that now’s the perfect time to help Parliament members realize Bitcoin’s potential.

Spanish Banks Open to Cryptocurrencies

Spain is quickly becoming one of the European hot spots for Bitcoin and the likes. Banks hate cryptos – that’s a well-known fact. However, some of the biggest banks in Spain are quite interested in cryptocurrencies. For example, Santander has partnered with Ripple for blockchain based payments and others have followed suit as well.

Made in collaboration with Ripple, Santander has released the One Pay FX app that enables blockchain based payments. The app was launched in 2018 and was initially available in Spain, Brazil, Poland, and the UK. However, it now allows users from other regions from the Euro zone which means it’s becoming pretty popular.

The European Central Bank recently announced plans for a digital Euro in 2021. It released a report explaining its possible impact on the market and there are high hopes that the digital Euro will see the light sooner rather than later. Tutellus’ move may help Parliament members rethink their crypto views which could see the country recognize Bitcoin.

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