Smash Your Enemies and Win Big with Mjolnir in the North Guardians Slot at bitStarz

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Norse mythology slots rarely disappoint. This mythology has it all – from magical hammers and fire demons to ice giants and undying gods. If you’re looking for a very cool Norse slot based on the legendary Mjolnir, look no further than Pragmatic Play’s North Guardians at bitStarz casino.

It’s a highly volatile slot with an RTP of 96.46% and 50 paylines. The blistering action takes place on a 5×5 grid with wins possible up to 5,000x the bet. You’ll be wielding the mighty Mjolnir to strike wild patterns on the grid, getting bonus rounds on each spin that will bring you a step close to the big prize.

A Big Thor Adventure

North Guardians is a slot based on the baddest Norse god of them all – Thor. His legendary weapon of choice Mjolnir is a magical hammer imbued with powers that not everyone can handle. The hammer can only be lifted by the worthy and is powerful enough to defeat intergalactic baddies such as Thanos himself. It can even undo the snap, although that’s not the story you’ll be playing through in this slot.

In North Guardians, it’s all about striking the Wild Patterns. We’ve seen this special feature before in Eye of Cleopatra, but it’s much more entertaining here. Basically, the wheel adds random wilds on the 5×5 grid and could theoretically fill it all and deliver fantastic wins. The feature occurs when two halves of a marking rectangle appear on the screen. They move to random positions and merge into a full rectangle, effectively sending the wheel spinning. If it stops on a wild pattern, it will draw that shape on the screen.

The cool thing about these patterns is that they look like runes, so the feature perfectly matches the slot’s theme. There are five levels of wild patterns on the reels, with each one selected randomly. Leveling up in the free spins round not only draws better wild patterns, but also gives you extra spins.

Visually, Pragmatic Play has done a fantastic job. The graphics and animations are unmatched, especially when big things happen on the screen such as the Wild Patterns. The slot feels very much alive when you spin the reels, and the simple layout and design makes it a breeze to play, even for beginners.

A Growing Library of Games

As one of the leaders in the Bitcoin gambling industry, bitStarz always has the latest slot games. North Guardians is a new addition that comes packed with action and the exciting Wild Patterns that can spice up your wins. The list of Pragmatic Play games in bitStarz now runs in the hundreds, and that’s just the beginning.

There are plenty more to explore in the lobby which currently houses over 3,000 games. Plus, the casino is known for fantastic bonuses and promotions and exciting tournaments that will give you even more cash than you’ve imagined. If you’re looking for a new Norse adventure at the moment, North Guardians is the one you’re looking for.

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