Responsible Gaming Policy

Here at we are firm believers is giving all of our website visitors choice in regards to just which Bitcoin Gaming sites they frequent and visit, however we are aware that for some online gamblers there may come a time when your gambling may get out of hand, and as such we have a very robust responsible Gambling Policy in place on our website.

You should be aware that you are only permitted to play and gamble at any Bitcoin accepting casino or poker site listed upon our website if you are the legal age to gamble from the jurisdiction from which you are accessing that site, this can change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so please check to see whether you are the legal age to gamble.

Should you feel that you are at risk of over spending when gambling online then be aware you are able to put in place daily, weekly and monthly depositing limits at most online gambling sites and as such when you first sign up to any poker or casino site we strongly advise you to put into place a depositing limit that you can comfortably afford.

Free Help and Support

Should you find that your gambling habits are getting out of control or you are concerned about the gambling habits of anyone you know then there are many places offering free and confidential help and assistance that are available 24 hours a day.

Two sites worthy of visiting for help, advice or guidance in regards to any form of problem gambling are the GamCare website and the Gamblers Anonymous website you will find they offer online, telephone and even face to face help and assistance which is completely free of charge. is another good resource.

There are also several different software companies who will allow you to install on your computer a special blocking software which will, once installed and loaded on your device, will not permit you to visit any type of gambling orientated websites, and this is well worth checking out should you find your online gambling is getting a little out of hand.

Gambling Responsibly Online

There are a lot of different ways that you can put into place a responsible gambling strategy yourself and below w have listed some of these ways.

Set Aside a Gambling Budget – If you enjoy the occasional gamble online and want to ensure that you will never run the risk of over spending then do consider setting up an online wallet account or get yourself a prepaid debit card, and use this solely for your online gambling. Set aside a gambling budget each month and once you have spent it call it a day and wait for the following month before you next gamble online.

Know Your Limits – One problem that a lot of gamblers may experience is that they do not set into place a set of stringent limits when gambling online. Before you start to gamble know in advance the maximum amount you are prepared to wager on any single session, whilst at the same time have in mind a winning goal, keep this goal as modest as is possible, and should you achieve it then stop playing and cash out.

By learning when to stop gambling online whether that is when you have spent your gambling budget or by cashing out when you have won your winning goal you will find it is much easier to become a much more responsible gambler and as such you will give yourself a much more responsible gaming outlook.

Find Alternatives to Gambling – Spending too much time thinking about gambling is never a good thing, and one way that  lot of people can control or get away from their gambling habits is to find something else to do when they would be usually gambling. So consider finding another hobby that will keep you away from your computer and out of harm’s way!