Provably Fair Casino Games

One of the most unique aspects of the online Bitcoin gambling movement is the concept of provably fair games. Every regulated online casino on the internet has to go through checks and balances to gain and then keep their gambling licenses in good standing. However, even though gamblers are pretty sure their games are fair, there is no evidence or verification of this on each bet that a gambler places.

This concept of a provably fair online casino is one that will change the landscape of online casino gambling. Using cryptographic technology, customers can verify that each bet placed, whether it is on slots, card games or table games is “provably fair.”

Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino

The Concept of Provably Fair

The Bitcoin casino, BitZino is credited with developing the fair provably fair system and coining the term. Since their use of provably fair Blackjack in 2012, nearly every Bitcoin casino is offering provably fair games to players. All of which can be independently verified by gamblers themselves.

How It Works

The actual nuts and bolts of provably fair casino games are a bit technical, but the basics are simple. Using cryptographic hash technology, players can confirm that a Bitcoin casino presented them with a valid, random hash. The approach ensures that both the player and the casino have no control of the outcome of a wager until it has concluded.

Depending on the type of casino game (cards, slots, or table games), the way that provably fair is calculated may be slightly different. Still, all methods revolve around “decks” of cards, even roulette or slots. In some cases, players can shuffle or cut the deck being used by changing the client seed on a specific hash.

Since the rise of provably fair games, there have been several different ways Bitcoin casinos prove their games provably fair. All of these methods allow players to go back and verify these wagers as provably fair after they have concluded.

Provably fair verifier boxes are listed at just about every Bitcoin casino these days. Gamblers can prove the fairness of their games by entering the server seed and client seed of each individual bet for verification.

How Fair is Provably Fair?

Undeniably, it is the quickest way to determine if a casino’s games are fair and that you’re not being cheated. Not only that, each bet can be verified when the second the wager is completed. There is no such method like this to quickly determine the fairness of non-provably fair casinos or brick n’ mortar live options.

There is no need for an exhaustive analysis or examination of a casino or game’s integrity when you use the provably fair system. Either the game is fair, or it isn’t. Gaming regulators across the world agree that the system is foolproof. Provably fair gaming is the fairest and most secure way to wager on casino games around the world.

Stick to Provably Fair Casinos

While most Bitcoin casinos these days have adopted provably fair systems, there are a few operators that have not. While it would be unfair to accuse them of manipulating the outcome, the lack of provably games is a sign that they are behind the times.

Overall though, it would be foolish to risk playing at one of these casinos when you can give your business to a provably fair Bitcoin casino. A site you know that is on a level playing field with customers. Once again, we’re not saying that if a casino isn’t provably fair that they are cheating their customers, but then again why should players assume that unnecessary risk?