Predict Bitcoin’s Price for February and Win Up to 250 mBTC!

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Bitcoin’s price has always been a wild ride. It’s the most volatile cryptocurrency on the market and that’s what makes it so great. While many don’t love the fact that the price fluctuates so often, you will give it a second thought if someone gave you a prize for correctly predicting it, right?

Well, now’s your chance to earn something. One of the premier Bitcoin casino sites,, lets customers predict the correct price for February 2021 and rewards them with a massive prize pool of 500 mBTC. If you believe you have the skills to predict the price, you have until January 28 to climb the leaderboard and win the top reward.

From Rags to Riches

Bitcoin’s price has always been volatile, but never like the past 12 months. After the bubble burst in 2017, no one believed the price would fly high again. There were a few experts that claimed Bitcoin would beat new records, but rarely anyone took them seriously.

It turns out they were right. It took nearly 3 years, but Bitcoin’s price has shattered records every week. More importantly, it looks like it won’t burst anytime soon, placing it among the world’s top assets.

In early 2020, things weren’t looking good for BTC. The price wouldn’t move past $3,500 and often fell below it. However, it consolidated after March 2020 and went on a bull run that resulted in the $30,000+ today. While it drops down 10 or more percent every week, the gains that follow are double or triple the size and Bitcoin is well on its way to $40,000.

Who can say that it won’t go over $50,000? It seems that those who predicted it would fly to $50,000 or more were right. If you were one of them and you have a knack to predict the price correctly, you can earn BTC for it. allows its players to correctly predict the price for February 1, 2021, and win up to 250 mBTC for it.

All you need to do is wager a modest 10 mBTC between January 11 and January 28. This will get you one ticket for the ‘race’. All games are in play. As soon as you wager the minimum, you’ll get a chance to predict the BTC or EUR open price of Bitcoin on Bitstamp from February 1, 2021 at 12:00 GMT. Players can predict the price a maximum 25 times per day.

The one who tops the leaderboard will win a cool 250 mBTC, with the second and third rewards being 125 and 50 respectively.

Find Your Fortune

If you’re already a member of, you can try your hand in the competition. The minimum entry is small, so if you play regularly, you should definitely try to predict the price.

If you’re lucky to climb the ranks and beat the others, you can win yourself a pretty nice reward. The 500 mBTC prize pool equals around $20,000, and half of that could be yours if you guess the price correctly.

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