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Bitcoin’s price has become a hot topic lately with all the swings it’s been experiencing. In the past few days, the drops have gone quite too low, putting the market in a state of fear. Amid massive sell-offs and new investors scared to even look at the market, is unfazed. The popular Bitcoin joint trusts the process, introducing a new tourney where you get to predict the price of the world’s top cryptocurrency.

All members should only bet 5 mBTC and enter the price in the specified field for May 22 to opt in to the tournament. Why May 22? It’s the date of Bitcoin’s first transaction, when a developer swapped 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas. Insane, right? That’s why the casino has named this promotion How much is the pizza?, even though there’s no real pizza to win in it (sad trumpet tone).

If you think you know the market conditions and your Bitcoin price predictions were accurate before, there’s no reason to skip this tournament.

Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day Like a Boss

The Bitcoin pizza day is coming up fast and a player will celebrate it like a boss. To try your luck in the tournament, you will need to wager 5 mBTC and predict the price of Bitcoin on 12:00 (GMT) on May 22 (on Bitstamp). Players have plenty of chances to predict the price, not just one. Each participating player can make up to 10 predictions, but only before May 18. It’ll take a few days for the casino to collect all the predictions and populate the leaderboard.

The predictions and wagering reset every day at 00:00 (GMT). There are prizes for the top 10 most accurate predictions. While it seems like a fairly easy prediction, Bitcoin’s volatility makes it hard. Those swings go wild every day, especially now with the fall of Terra’s LUNA and everything else going on in the world. That’s why has made this challenge rewarding, giving 100 mBTC to the player with the most accurate description.

The second and third-placed players will get 65 and 35 mBTC respectively, while all other prizes are under 15 mBTC. Spots 6-10 get 5 mBTC, enough to cover the wager placed before making the prediction.

Great Place to Spend Your Reward

Should you be so accurate (and lucky) with your prediction, you’ll have no trouble spending those 100 mBTC. The player with the closest prediction wins the top prize, so you don’t have to precisely pinpoint Bitcoin’s price – it should be in the close vicinity. is one of the best casinos of its kind on the world wide web, and with a growing range of games that currently houses thousands of casino games, you’ll have plenty of chances to use your shiny 100 mBTC and win big.

The prizes in this promo don’t carry any wagering requirements which is music to the ears of members. Throw a prediction right now and do it up to 10 times a day – it could pay off big in a week.

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