Prague, the Czech Republic has the Most Bitcoin-Accepting Businesses in the World

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Bitcoin has lost its $8,000 position and fell at $7,500. Nevertheless, the world of cryptocurrency remains relevant and entertaining as numerous articles keep their focus on Bitcoin and its fellow cryptos. One of the most amusing such articles is the analysis published by Forbes, which reveals the top 10 cities in the world when it comes to Bitcoin-accepting businesses.

Namely, the author has used Coinmap to find bitcoin hotspots and rated cities worldwide depending on the number of Bitcoin vendors. Possibly a bit surprising, the results place Prague, the Czech Republic at the top with a total of 147 such businesses. This means that Bitcoin fans can use their coins at a significant number of shops and stops around Prague.

The list goes on to include Buenos Aires in Argentina, San Francisco in USA, Madrid in Spain and New York City in USA as the other top cities for using Bitcoin. These Bitcoin hubs have respective numbers of Bitcoin-accepting businesses as it follows: 141, 117, 101 and 101. The list of top 10 is concluded with Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Bogota (Colombia), Vancouver (Canada), London (The UK) and Paris (France).

Skrill Adds Support to Bitcoin Transactions

In other positive news, the popular e-wallet Skrill, which is part of the Paysafe Group and sister-company to Neteller, has added support to Bitcoin transaction. In addition to buying and selling Bitcoin, users of the service are also able to do the same with Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. This means that the 25+ million users of Skrill from over 30 countries worldwide are given the option to easily and safely complete cryptocurrency transactions.

Company’s CEO, Lorenzo Pellegrino, expressed excitement for adding Bitcoin support on the Skrill platform. The new four cryptocurrencies join a total of 40 different fiat currencies accepted by Skrill. Moreover, Pellegrino announced that Neteller would also follow the steps of Skrill and its users could expect to be able to make Bitcoin transactions in the near future.

The support to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum has been rolled out already in most of the countries. However, Russia and the USA are exceptions due to the countries’ strict regulations regarding cryptocurrencies.

Qiwi Office Worker Mines 500,000 BTC Using Company’s Computers

As it was reported by the Metro, a Qiwi employee has used a company’s computer when the offices were closed in order to mine around 500,000 BTC. Sergey Solonin used to be an IT manager at Qiwi, a Russian online payment provider and has apparently been using their computers to amass a fortune for himself.

Reportedly, Qiwi’s security department noticed unusual high levels of operation of certain computer at night; this period was usually a quiet one for the offices. This was happening back in 2011 and it became widely known just now after the company has failed its attempts to get the secretly mined coins. According to those familiar with the story, the head of Qiwi asked Solonin to return the Bitcoins to the them, but the employee decided to leave the firm instead.

At the time being, it is not known what Solonin has been up to, considering he owns £3.5 billion in Bitcoin.

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