Prague Conference to Discuss Bitcoin in Gambling Industry

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bitcoin conference prague The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, which is scheduled to be held in Prague on May 19 2016, clearly indicates that the popularity of bitcoin is on the rise. In fact, Jack Tartar, the president of GEM Research Solutions and People Tested Media, had highlighted certain important aspects of bitcoin investments recently.

Bitcoin Enjoys More Popularity among Small Businesses

According to the results of the latest research studies on bitcoin popularity, the cryptocurrency is more popular among small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, 90% businesses that capitalize on Bitcoin are small and medium-sized companies. This makes bitcoin popular among families interested in making investments and smaller companies because it helps them generate more profits. Blockchain technology has also attracted the attention of more developers than the big investors.

Jack Tartar’s Bitcoin Talks

Jack Tartar will answer three big questions related to bitcoins at the conference in Prague, which is scheduled to be held on May 19, 2016. These questions touch on what entrepreneurs should do if they want to invest in bitcoins, the time taken for bitcoin projects to become successful, and startups that can greatly benefit investors.

Tartar has already authored a book on Bitcoin, in which he has heavily drawn upon his finance experience to explain the working of the cryptocurrency. Tartar now serves as a consultant for entrepreneurs although his major focus remains on blockchain technology and digital currencies.

Conference Details

Major bitcoin issues such as the role of bitcoins in the modern marketplace, the future of blockchain technology, security issues related to cryptocurrencies, investment issues, regulatory issues, and the role of bitcoin in the online gambling industry will be discussed at the conference that is scheduled to be held at Prague.

Jack Tartar will not be the only expert speaker at the event. Several founders of bitcoin wallets, payment services, and IT companies will speak at the conference, which is expected to attract several developers, bankers, business people, economists, and online gambling operators.

After its stop at Prague, the conference will move on to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev, indicating that Europe is indeed focused on the various uses of bitcoins. Recently, several European bitcoin events have been held in Kiev, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, and this conference is part of it. Holding a bitcoin conference in Prague is strategic as the demand for authentic bitcoin information and ways in which it can be applied in the online gambling industry is on the rise. The Czech online gambling industry is growing at a rapid pace and major operators have already taken notice of bitcoins.

Major Conference Topics

The conference will closely examine blockchain technology and various security issues associated with it while simultaneously attempting to answer a number of questions related to bitcoin transactions. IT developers working with blockchain technology will present several papers and participants will be given the opportunity learn everything about data protection and ways to beat cybercrime. Issues such as payment services, the latest gadgets, blockchain technology laws, and others will also be discussed at the conference.

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