Player Hits 259.74BTC Jackpot at Bitcoin Video Casino

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Bitcoin Video Casino is one of the oldest and most unique Bitcoin casinos which takes an entirely different approach to Bitcoin gaming. And thanks to a recent massive win, this classic BTC casino just got a lot more interesting. Namely, according to an official press release from Bitcoin Video Casino, the online site has recently given one lucky player one of the biggest BTC jackpots in the online industry.

A Large Jackpot on a 0.1BTC Bet

Bitcoin Video Casino (BVC) has been known for its fair odds and rewards, a trust which was once again confirmed this February, when one lucky player hit a 259.74 BTC jackpot on a 0.1 BTC bet. The only available information about the jackpot is the player’s username (“28ea0d38e1”) and that the bet was hit on a slot game at the casino, while betting on 7 reels.

The casino has been popular among Bitcoin players since its early days, mainly due to a very fair expected housed edge of 0.5%. The platform has been the place of many memorable jackpots, the biggest of which was hit back in May of 2014 when another anonymous player triggered a 765.65 BTC jackpot on a 0.2BTC bet in one of BVC’s classic slot games. With an estimated price of $400-550 per BTC at the time of winning, this was still a very large prize.

And apart from offering wins, one of the most peculiar things about the casino is that it doesn’t use a registration process. As was the case with all the first Bitcoin casinos, here you can start wagering your Bitcoins without leaving any information. The casino automatically creates an account link for you which can be secured with a 2-step authentication, and you can deposit via a QR code or the casino’s wallet link.

Retro Casino for the Modern Gambler

If there’s one thing that immediately grabs your attention upon visiting its site, is that BVC doesn’t look anything like other Bitcoin casinos, but instead offers the simplicity and the charm of the first Bitcoin gambling platforms.

The casino mostly offers classic Vegas-styled slot machines and video games that sort of remind you of sitting behind an old video terminal at one of the popular casino on the Strip.  The main games offered here are slots and video poker, but there’s also craps, roulette, dice, and blackjack to be found at the casino. All games can be played in real mode or “auto”, if you prefer a faster pace.

For those that have worries about the fairness of the games, there is a full table of returns under the “expected returns” menu at the top bar. The highest payouts are offered at Blackjack and Video Poker games (99.5% RTP) with the Dice game being close behind (99% RTP). Slots and Roulette, on the other hand, have a bigger house edge and offer an RTP of 97.9% and 97.3%, respectively.

If you want to see what they have in store, visit Bitcoin Video Casino and browse through the offer.

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