Next Year You’ll Finally Be Able to Buy a Cup of Coffee with Bitcoin

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The world’s leading cryptocurrency has been used to buy property and other stuff for years now – at least where it’s legal. New markets are opening up for Bitcoin, but many parts of the world are still hesitant to legalize it. The good news is that many major businesses are warming up to the idea of Bitcoin. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use it to buy coffee or something of the sort? Well, rejoice Bitcoin fans. You will be able to do that next year.

Thanks to popular Bitcoin futures exchange Bakkt, you will be able to make Bitcoin payments at all Starbucks locations using the upcoming consumer app. This is great news for cryptocurrency owners who are not happy they can’t use their Bitcoins to just buy anything they can think of. Bakkt’s plan to open up the crypto ecosystem to different industries is already in motion and by adding Starbucks to the list we have no doubt it’ll thrive.

Buy a Cup of Coffee with Bitcoin

Bakkt, the Bitcoin futures exchange announced in August 2018 is already making waves in the crypto industry as experts predicted. Starbucks and software giant Microsoft were the first two companies to jump on the Bakkt bandwagon a year ago. The goal of the promising futures exchange is to open up the ecosystem of the crypto industry and allow safe transactions between consumers and institutions.

Up until now, Bakkt was focused on Bitcoin only. However, as soon as the consumer app is launched, it’s very likely that it’ll add altcoins to the list as well.

Although you will be able to buy a cup of Starbucks’ famous coffee with Bitcoin, it’s important to note that the largest coffee brand in the world doesn’t accept digital assets. Using Bakkt’s app, the company will exchange Bitcoin to US dollars to finalize the transaction. Still, it’s a big step forward for the leading cryptocurrency that will hopefully inspire other companies (and industries) to open up to the idea.

2020 – the Year of Bitcoin?

If you’re following the crypto market, you know that Bitcoin hit a bit of a rough patch this year. Things aren’t looking great with the largest cryptocurrency by market cap being hit with numerous lows. However, some experts see this as a positive sign for the future, with many predicting another major Bitcoin explosion as soon as next year.

If you ask us, Bakkt’s upcoming plans may play a key role in it. With Starbucks as a partner and the opportunity to buy your own cup of coffee with Bitcoin, many believe that 2020 is the year of crypto assets. If other companies join the fray, we could be looking at a very stable Bitcoin and altcoin market. As soon as this happens, pressure to integrate cryptocurrencies into global commerce will follow which can only be a good thing.

One industry that has clearly warmed up to the idea of cryptocurrencies is online gambling. You can now enjoy plenty of Bitcoin casino games online, with new Bitcoin web casinos being launched every week.

It’s time to lift the stigma surrounding Bitcoin and embrace the future. But first, let’s have a cup of delicious Starbucks coffee.

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