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The leading Bitcoin casino in the industry,, is always hosting fresh tournaments. Apart from the numerous ways to win extra cash, the casino is always trying to find a way to improve. New features are added to the site all the time, but the latest one will most likely outperform them all.

Simply called Casino Boost, the new feature will be active on selected promotions. For two minutes, you’ll be able to boost your winnings from slot games and get your hand on some extra cash. Casino boosts can also appear as Bitcasino promotions at the site, so keep your eyes open.

When it comes to promotions,’s latest one is called Live Casino Hero. It offers up to 1 BTC on a challenge-riddled path in the live casino. If you dare take it, you could become the next live casino hero and give your wallet the boost it deserves.

Boost Your Winnings Like a Boss

Bitcasino is a well-known innovator in online gambling. It constantly aims to improve its services with one goal in mind – to give players what they deserve. The latest addition to the list of features is called Casino Boost and it does exactly what the name suggests.

Who doesn’t want a juicy infusion of winnings every now and then? Thanks to the new feature, you’ll be able to give your winnings a great boost for two minutes on any slot game. The new feature may appear as a reward from Bitcasino promotions or it can be offered during to specific customers during any promotion.

If you’re wondering how it works, we’ve got the details. The boost feature is active for two minutes only. It is exclusively available on slot games at the moment. When active, it will boost your winnings by 10% up to a maximum of 20 mBTC.

Let’s say for example that you’re spinning your favorite slot in a Bitcasino promo and you get the boost. You win 100 mBTC during that time – thanks to the boost, you will receive 110 mBTC (100 mBTC + 10% boost of 10 mBTC). If you’re wondering how to use it, you will see the Boost icon under eligible slots or promotions.

If it “fits” your favorite slot game, playing it for real money with the Casino Boost feature is a no-brainer.

Live Casino Hero’s latest promotion is called Live Casino Hero. As the name suggests, it’s a live casino Bitcoin promo that will put you on an exciting adventure. Still active, the promo requires you to place at least 5 mBTC on any live casino game on the first day of the challenge.

Continue to wager the same amount every day, and the last hero to wager at least 5 mBTC on the most consecutive days will win the top reward.

The challenge ends on November 2, so you still have time to get ranked on the leaderboard. The top-ranked player will earn 1 BTC, but those on lower positions can earn a nice reward too.

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