New Bitcoin-only Live Online Game Show Announced

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Take My Bitcoins Streamin’ Garage, an innovative live streaming and media production company, has announced the production of Take My Bitcoins, a live online game show featuring only bitcoins. The sponsor of the show will be Butterfly Labs, a prominent supplier of bitcoin mining technology. The game show, which will be the first of its kind, will reward participants with bitcoins worth thousands of dollars every week.

About Butterfly Labs and Streamin’ Garage

Streamin’ Garage, a company established by Mike Rotman, a TV veteran, was among the first live online networks to broadcast an original HD program. Ever since its launch, the company has captured millions of on-demand and live views by broadcasting original shows such as Stripped Down Live with Curt Smith, Stupid for Movies, Kids Court, Earth Survival Tips, and Kids Court. The company has its headquarters at Los Angeles in California. Butterfly Labs, a company based in Kansas, manufactures hardware required to secure online bitcoin transactions.

Take My Bitcoins

The live game show, which premiered on April 3, 2014, will be held at 8:00 p.m. PT on Thursdays. Every week, a celebrity will be chosen to co-host the game show and challenge participants to play games of skill and knowledge. A wide range of social media, such as Twitter, live chat, Instagram, Facebook, Google Voice, and Skype, will be incorporated into the live game show, which is scheduled to conclude only when the bitcoin wallet becomes empty. This means that there is no limit to the number of people who can win.

Speaking about the live game show, Mike Rotman, the founder of Streamin’ Garage, said: “Streamin’ Garage has always strived to break new ground in original online production. Entering the innovative world of Bitcoin and combining it with a TV quality game show allows us to engage the audience in a whole new way. Being first in this arena continues with our goal of blurring the lines between TV and online content.”

Commenting on the same, Jeff Ownby, the vice president (marketing) for Butterfly Labs, said: “We couldn’t be more excited to sponsor this trailblazing event that will feature the first bitcoin miner ever to be used by a customer exclusively for game show prizes.” Expressing his appreciation for Streamin’ Garage, he said that the company is “at the forefront of the new media world, and the ability to help them support an entirely new game show is a significant step in broadening awareness about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.”

Those interested can visit to find the show and to stay updated regarding the number of bitcoins generated and awarded.


The company had given people a chance to win bitcoins by playing a simple guessing game before the live game show launched on April 3. Viewers were challenged to guess how many bitcoins will be won on April 10 and send a tweet in the following format: “I’m guessing @TakeMyBitcoins will mine (# of coins) on (date) #BTCMiner.” The best guessers were promised a reward of 5 percent of the total bitcoin prize pool.

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