Neteller Officially Starts Accepting Bitcoin Deposits

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neteller logo Online payment processor Neteller has added a Bitcoin deposit option. A company representative has confirmed the new Bitcoin deposit feature and said it may be officially launched today, 25th of March.

Up to this moment, Neteller had a strict policy against trading, exchanging, buying or selling Bitcoins as well as any other digital currency. Therefore, this move is considered to be an obvious reversal of policy for the payment provider.

The news was warmly welcomed by Neteller users who have immediately started sharing the information with fellow Bitcoin gamblers on social media. Players are obviously extremely excited to have Neteller as a deposit option with a 0% fee.

Neteller’s spokesperson revealed that the gamers are most probably reporting about the first stage of integration of the new deposit option. However, the representative didn’t want to reveal any other information except for saying: “It is brand new.”

If you are ready to dig into the process of depositing bitcoins into your Neteller online wallet, you can find our step by step guide for depositing bitcoins here.

Neteller Is One of the Leading Internet Payment Providers

Bitcoin deposit option at Neteller

The Bitcoin deposit option is up and running at Neteller

Those who are not familiar with Neteller should know that the company is one of the leading Internet payment providers on the market. Neteller was established back in 1999 and it is based in the Isle of Man. Owner of Neteller is the successful company Optimal Payments which these days is best known  for its plans to take over the Skrill Group for €1.1 billion.

Neteller, which is both an online payment provider as well as a pre-paid card provider, has been used by numerous players of online casino games for many years now. The company offers services to good number of popular sites, but its representative said that the latest service will not be available for US users.

According to the information that was presented to the public, Neteller will now allow players to top up their account with Bitcoins and use them at any Bitcoin casino on the Internet. Before this option was activated, Neteller users were only able to fund their accounts using credit/debit cards and play at regular online casinos.

Huge Step Forward for Bitcoin Gambling

Having Neteller on board a possible deposit method is a huge step forward for the Bitcoin gambling community.

However, now Bitcoin players can use their Neteller digital wallet for depositing at online casinos, transferring cash and making online purchases. Since all of these things can be done with a single tool, it is easy to conclude that life of Bitcoin gamblers is about to become much simpler.

This deposit method is an International tool and hence it can be used by a huge number of players coming from many different countries. Even though it won’t be available to US players, it is still a great improvement to those who will be able to use Neteller to gamble with bitcoins.

However, the most interesting question that remains to be answered in the future is: What does this mean for other products by the company? Optimal Payments is expected to fully take over Skrill by the 3rd quarter of 2015, plus the company stands behind the widely used pre-paid card Ukash. Whether this move is the first step of making all of these popular deposit methods Bitcoin friendly is yet to be seen.

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