mBit Casino Generously Rewards VIP Black Players

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mbit home mBit Casino recently shifted its focus to designing the perfect VIP rewards program for its loyal players. As a result, players can enjoy an innovative VIP treatment while earning loyalty points for playing bitcoin games at mBit Casino. Players at mBit Casino feel special when the bitcoin online casino pampers them with a variety of rewards just for earning loyalty points.

The very fact that mBit Casino has focused on its loyalty program sets it apart from the other bitcoin online casinos that focus heavily on new games, generous bonus offers, and promos to attract new players and give existing ones an incentive to play. mBit Casino wants to give its customers real value for their money, a little something extra than what they expected to receive.

Head on over to mBit Casino to check out their updated VIP Program.

VIP Rewards at mBit Casino

The newest addition to the rewards program at mBit Casino, called mBit Black, is a multi-level system that keeps seasoned players as well as amateurs happy. The bitcoin online casino tops up the accounts of mBit Black players with one bitcoin.

To become an mBit Black player at mBit Casino, new players have to first become Silver players by earning 100 loyalty points. They should then earn some more points to achieve the Gold and Diamond levels. The level following the Diamond level is the Black level. Players who achieve the mBit Black level are eligible to receive the bonuses, benefits, and rewards assigned for Silver, Gold, and Diamond players as well.

Linda Murphy of mBit Casino has the following to say about the new mBit Black rewards program: “This new VIP bitcoin casino player reward program was built with sizable input from existing affiliates and players alike. After many months of development, we are proud to announce that the VIP operation is fully active.”

Amazing Rewards at mBit Casino

The Casino continuously updates its customers about their VIP status and loyalty point balance. This enables players to know how many more points they have to earn in order to achieve a particular status and grab the rewards and benefits associated with that status. The casino resets VIP statuses every month to give players a chance to grab extra rewards while retaining all the benefits they have previously achieved.

Players can earn benefits such as entries to exclusive promotions, casino bonuses, and non-cash rewards, to mention just a few. As previously mentioned, mBit Black players will receive the benefits associated with all the levels. mBit Black VIP players stand the chance of receiving up to 10 deposit bonuses of 575%.

The latest version of mBit Casino’s rewards program has attracted a lot of player attention. A  VIP player has also won a jackpot worth 25 BTC at mBit Casino.

More about mBit Casino

The advantages of playing at mBit Casino are many. In the first place, it is a bitcoin online casino. Second, it introduces new games into its portfolio on a regular basis, as a result of which there are jackpots worth over 6000BTC just waiting to be won at the casino.

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