Level Up and Conquer Ancient Greece in bitStarz’s Latest Adventure

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As one of the oldest and most prominent casinos on the market, bitStarz is known for torpedoing its players with fantastic deals and promotions. Its greatest promos run for a long time, including various level up tournaments and adventures with various themes and massive prize pools. The latest is set in ancient Greece and a trek from Mount Olympus to the underworld.

There are 41 levels to achieve in total, with a €20,000 prize for the ultimate winner. The promotion started on January 16 and ends on March 10, so you still have ample time to join the pantheon of gods and walk to the underworld to defeat the dark creatures.

The Path to Becoming a Legend

If you’ve always wanted to become a hero or legend that slays monsters and rolls with the gods, this is the way. This fantastic bitStarz casino level up promotion is based on history’s greatest legends. You’ll walk this path among a pantheon of gods including the likes of Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, and Hades in the underworld. The Titans level-up adventure will take you on a quest from the heart of Mount Olympus to the depths of the underworld. You’ll see all kinds of mythical creatures on your path in this gripping adventure that pays epic prizes.

There’s €50,000 to share on this adventure, with €40,000 going to the top-ranked players. Head to the fiery depths on the underworld to reach the final level 41 and you’ll win €20,000. If you get there second or third, the prize is €10,000 each. You have until March 10 to get on the ride, with only real money bets counting toward the promotion.

Prizes are credited immediately, and you can see what’s on offer today by clicking on the appropriate field. So far, the prizes have been going progressively higher. The first phase is already behind us, with hundreds of free spins awarded to players who reached a new level. We’re in the cash prize phase now, and this is where things take a turn for the better.

Terms and Conditions

The promotion runs from January 16 to Match 10. Only slot games contribute to the promotion turnover. Table games and bitStarz originals contribute only 5% toward the turnover. All prizes are credited immediately and come with wagering of 10x. As you wager real money in the casino, you reach new levels in the adventure. You can check your progress at any time on the progression bar.

Once it fills up, you’ve reached a new level. With each successive level and milestone, the difficulty increases – just like in a video game.

The top prize of €20,000 is only available to the player who gets to Level 41. Consolation prizes of €10,000 go to the second and third players, while the remaining amount is split across the levels leading up to the final round. On top of that, there’ll be many free spins on the way, so it’s best to opt-in to the promotion and make your way through ancient Greece.

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