Las Vegas Casino to Host First Blockchain Poker Tournament

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The Las Vegas Strip is mostly known as the center spot for all gambling activities in one of the most popular casino destinations in the world. But this fall, the Strip is about to enter the spotlight of the cryptocurrency industry as well with the launch of the first World Crypto Conference. However, what is more important to passionate gamblers than the launch of one of the biggest crypto events of the year is that the Conference will also be hosting the first ever cryptocurrency Poker tournament. And it will happen in a real Las Vegas Casino! Learn more about the event by checking our full update.

Play Blockchain Poker Against Professionals

From October 31st to November 2nd, the Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas will be home to World Crypto Con – “the most immersive and interactive” of conferences that will deal exclusively with the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The conference is to be hosted across 200,000 square feet of space and has over 5,000 confirmed visitors, including experts, investors, developers, and regular cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The three-day conference is packed with events that aim to increase the profile of cryptocurrency technology and show attendees how it is applied at present and how it can be applied in the future. But out of all the planned events, the one that stole the show is the scheduled Blockchain Poker tournament which will play out in the Aria Hotel and Casino.

Sponsored by Decentbet, the tournament will combine blockchain technology with live playing to create an opportunity for poker and crypto enthusiasts to enjoy a groundbreaking tournament format. No further details have been released for the event but the official description explains that there will be a chance for attendees to play with “the biggest stars in Poker”.

Pro Player Phil Hellmuth May Attend?

Despite there being no official details for the event, rumors are already spreading online about who will be attending the Blockchain Poker tournament. Some of the names most sources mention at this time are magician-turned-Poker-pro Antonio Esfandiari and Super High Roller Daniel Negreanu. However, the most logical choice is Phil Hellmuth, who already has a good relationship with Aria Casino.

Phil Hellmuth, a.k.a. “Poker Brat” Hellmuth, is one of the biggest names in Poker, having won a record number of 15 WSOP (World Series of Poker) bracelets. A regular at big events, Hellmuth’s tournament earnings thus far are estimated to be worth more than $21 million. Known for his fearless playing and his late arrival at tournaments, Hellmuth is a face most Poker fans will instantly recognize and a name that can stir great interest for the Blockchain Poker event.  And since June this year, Hellmuth also became an ambassador for Decenbet, which is why it is very likely that he will be attending the tournament.

For those interested in playing against Hellmuth or attending the Conference, regular tickets start at $899 per person and they can be purchased online via the World Crypto Con’s main website.

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