Isle of Man Legal Firm Quinn Legal Now Accepts BTC Payments

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The Bitcoin hype is constantly on the rise, with new countries and businesses being more and more open to the idea of Bitcoin payments. One such company from the Isle of Man, Quinn Legal, is the first legal firm to partner with a Bitcoin exchange and accept BTC payments. The exchange, CoinCorner, provided the integration on Quinn Legal’s website. Called the CoinCorner Checkout service, it allows clients to pay for legal services on the small island with cryptocurrency for the first time. It’s a major step for Bitcoin on the island and should help Quinn Legal to expand its services worldwide.

The First Isle of Man Company to Openly Accept Bitcoin Payments

CoinCorner’s service now enables Quinn Legal’s clients to pay for legal services directly through the firm’s website. Sam Tipper, business development lead at the exchange, has praised Quinn Legal’s move. He noted the significant progress for both companies with this move and praised Quinn Legal CEO James Quinn for recognizing the cryptocurrency’s potential.

All payments are legal and secure as they’re overseen by the Isle of Man Financial Service Authority. If you ever need legal services from the island company, you can be sure that you’re making safe & secure payments via the website. After this move, CoinCorner expects more companies to join the fray. This falls in line with the exchange’s goals of raising the cryptocurrency adoption through tech solutions which might change the mind of many businesses.

The Bitcoin exchange on the small island was launched in 2014. It has customers from all over the globe, currently offering its services in 45 countries. Thanks to the partnership with Quinn Legal, the exchange should increase the legal firm’s reach.

Quinn Legal was found in 2009 and has always strived to be different. It’s the first company of its kind to recognize the benefits of cryptocurrencies and the first on the Isle of Man to openly accept it. As CEO James Quinn put it, the move shows the company’s plans for the future and gives it new ways of supporting its clients. Thanks to this move, Quinn Legal clients now have the option to pay anonymously with the cryptocurrency instead of cash or credit/debit cards. The future is now for Quinn Legal, and everyone hopes that other companies follow their lead.

What does it mean for Bitcoin?

The latest move spells a bright future for Bitcoin amidst disbelief that it can ever reach the heights of old. Bitcoin is getting bashed by major online players such as YouTube, and the price drops aren’t helping its cause.

Bitcoin’s price has been under a lot of pressure in recent months and it seems there’s no end in sight for the decline. Recent price boosts have been an upward trend, but still, the price drops have brought nothing but bad news for traders and owners.

With this partnership, however, it will hopefully inspire other companies to join Quinn Legal and enter the new digital era. Accepting Bitcoin payments is a great idea that could expand a company’s reach and attract new clients, and that’s what all firms hope for.


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